11 British black brands to support throughout Black History Month and beyond


5 October 2021, 21:50

Here are all of the British black marks that should be on your radar.

October marks Black History Month in the UK, celebration and appreciation of the black community and its central role in British culture.

It is still as important to recognize all the achievements of the black community in the UK as was the case when Black History Month was first celebrated in October 1987. But besides informing us on British Black History, we need to show our support to the community directly by purchasing black British brands.

Buying from black-owned brands means that the money goes directly to black business owners, who are statistically disadvantaged economically, and therefore directly into the community. In June 2020, Black book day, which encourages consumers to spend with black businesses on the first Saturday of every month, was launched to reinvest in black businesses in the UK.

It goes without saying that support for black-owned brands should go well beyond Black History Month. However, in honor of the month, we’re highlighting all of the top black-owned brands that may not be on your radar just yet. Here are all of the British black brands you can buy throughout Black History Month and beyond.

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11 British black brands to support throughout Black History Month and beyond

11 British black brands to support throughout Black History Month and beyond.

Photo: @farailondon via Instagram, @stylebyco via Instagram

1) Farai London

You’ve certainly seen Kylie Jenner rocking Farai London, the East London-based fashion label known for their sexy cuts and bold prints.

Farai London

Farai London.

Photo: @kyliejenner via Instagram

2) Omolola

Omolola, which means “child is wealth” in Yoruba, specializes in glamorous Afro-centric jewelry. Founded by two sisters, the brand pays tribute to West African culture.



Photo: @bethanjroberts via Instagram

3) UOMA Beauty

UOMA Beauty was founded by Sharon Chuter, former Beauty Director based in Nigeria, Los Angeles and London, and is known for its diverse and inclusive line of beauty products.

UOMA Beauty

UOMA Beauty.

Photo: @uomabeauty via Instagram

4) Kai collective

Kai Collective is the product of British Nigerian blogger Fisayo Longe. The brand is a celebrity favorite and is known for its cult Gaia print pieces.

Kai Collective

Kai Collective.

Photo: @kaicollective via Instagram

5) Group of images

Image Gang’s jewelry and accessories have a distinct London vibe. Each piece is handpicked, curated and created by Image Gang founder Isabelle White in her east London studio.

Image group

Band of images.

Photo: @imagegang via Instagram

6) Lapp La Marque

Lapp The Brand was created in 2016 by model Leomie Anderson. Specializing in athleisure, the brand has a clear message: female empowerment, confidence and positivity.

Lapp La Marque

Lapp La Marque.

Photo: @lappthebrand via Instagram

7) Nubian skin

Nubian Skin was launched with the mission of creating lingerie basics in all skin tones. Frustrated by the lack of choice for people of color looking for nude underwear, Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan has created a brand that is inclusive for everyone.

Nubian skin

Nubian skin.

Photo: @nubianskin via Instagram

8) Afrocenchix

Afrocechix specializes in natural and organic hair care products. The brand employs scientists and chemists from the UK and uses fair trade shea butter from a cooperative in Ghana.



Photo: @afrocenchix via Instagram

9) MDM stream

MDM Flow is a game-changer when it comes to lipstick. Launched by cosmetic scientist Florence Adepoju, the brand was created with the idea of ​​having inclusive lipsticks for all skin tones.

MDM stream

MDM stream.

Photo: @mdmflow via Instagram

10) Avril and Alex

April & Alex is a London-based womenswear brand owned by Anglo-Nigerian journalist Didi Akinyelure. The brand specializes in daring and avant-garde pieces for independent women.

Avril & Alex

Avril and Alex.

Photo: @aprilalexshop via Instagram

11) SODAH London

If you are looking for serious evening pieces, SODAH has what you need. The glam brand specializes in fierce and confident clothing.

SODAH London

SODAH London.

Photo: @sodahbrand via Instagram


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