5 reasons why artificial jewelry is superior to real jewelry


Jewelry has been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial. Apart from aesthetic appeal, jewelry is also attributed spiritual and cultural utility in various countries.

However; As exciting and exhilarating as gold, diamond or platinum jewelry is, it is overshadowed by man-made jewelry for a number of reasons. Where we once praised the craftsmanship and nobility of real jewelry, we are now fascinated by the convenience and economy of artificial or imitation jewelry. Ever-changing trends pose another challenge for real jewelry to keep pace with its competitors. This begs the question “what makes artificial jewelry so desirable?”

Economical prices and easily replaced

It’s no secret that real jewelry is unaffordable for the majority of the population. Artificial jewelry trumps real jewelry in this regard, as it is just as alluring and can be purchased at a fraction of the price. Artificial jewelry is the go-to option for women who like to continually experiment with different accessories, be it rings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, or bangles. Being cheap, artificial or imitation jewelry does not come with the added headache of determining its quality or authenticity. Plus, losing or misplacing fake jewelry doesn’t hurt as much as losing expensive real jewelry.

Suitable for travel and storage

Women all over the world have experienced the annoyance, anxiety and horror of traveling with an expensive ensemble or real piece of jewelry. The moment your jewelry leaves the house, you are plagued with thoughts ranging from the theft of your precious jewelry to their accidental loss along the way. Artificial and imitation jewelry has all the charm, but none of the hassle that comes with real jewelry.

Robust and durable

Due to the strong nature and components that make up artificial jewelry, it is tough and durable as opposed to the delicate nature and craftsmanship of real jewelry. However, they are both available in trendy and intricate designs; most artificial jewelry is made up of copper or brass, these metals tend to be more resistant to wear, making them a better long-term solution.

Minimal maintenance

Artificial jewelry requires almost no maintenance. Its components are robust and self-preserving. While real jewelry requires polishing, cleaning and special care when it comes to storing it. If not stored properly, diamonds tend to yellow over time and gold ornaments gradually tarnish. It is no wonder that artificial jewelry has overtaken the popularity that once belonged to real jewelry.

Diverse and versatile

Artificial jewelry comes in a diverse range of designs, styles, and inexpensive metals that are just as exquisite as real gold or diamond alternatives. In addition; Artificial jewelry is extremely versatile and can be paired beautifully with almost any outfit or worn at any event. This ensures that your outfits follow the latest trends and give you a fashionable look without costing you an arm or a leg.

Real jewelry still retains a lot of importance in India as it is an integral part of Indian culture, festivities and traditions. However, artificial or imitation jewelry trumps real jewelry in almost all parameters, and are undoubtedly the economical, fashionable, and durable options in between.



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