6 Free Customizable Resumes You Can Create Easily


Resumes come in all shapes, sizes and file formats. Many online platforms have pre-formatted resume examples in contemporary formats such as influencer resumes, media kit resumes, and more. Easil is one such platform where you can find easy to use, customizable and modern resume templates.

It has at least one of these sample resume templates available for free customization and download in JPEG format. High-resolution PNG, GIF, and PDF files are available to paid subscribers. Let’s look at the different types of resume formats on Easil.

Media Kit resumes are primarily used by bloggers, influencers, and celebrities who need to share their photos, follower stats, and brand achievements with online and offline publications. These resumes do not require degrees, work experience, or other textual content that you may find in a traditional resume.

Media Kit Resume Templates at Easy are information cards in 16:9 format that include a few professionally clicked photos, an About Me section, social media stats, a list of brand endorsements or sponsors, a brand logo and contact details for the celebrity or their manager.

2. Sample A4 Resume Template for Blogger/Influencer

If you don’t want to share your CV as cards, you can stick to the standard A4 CV with a slight twist. This one-page Blogger CV is a simple approach to sharing critical information with media and other contributors. It has the same content as the media kit CV, but is presented more concisely on A4 size paper. You can also create resumes in Google Docs in standard A4 format, but you’ll have to start from scratch.


The paper has a photo grid above the fold or on the left or right panel to showcase pictures, adventures, talents, and more. Stats and other vital information go on the other side of this panel.

3. Sample Letter-Size Resume Template

Sample Easil Influence Letter Resume

Influencer CVs are available in various sizes, such as the standard A4 CV, 16:9 media kit, video CV, and this standard CV sample in 8.5×11 inch letter size.

You can customize everything in this free sample. Customizable elements include background colors, font, size and colors, free animations, gifs, border elements, arrows, shape masks or frames, symbols, banners , lines, logos, icons, illustrations, pattern grids etc. It differs from the Blogger/Influencer resume shown above only in size.

4. Landscape Resume Template Example

Easil Landscape Resume Sample

The landscape CV is a 3000x1250mm banner CV featuring a bright landscape background that you can replace with a picture or a transparent image, while all the information goes in the central white rectangle. You can choose not to lose the side panels and use them for more information instead.

Landscape resumes let you put essential information front and center. You can also make themed panels, with each panel containing different types of information such as contact details, work experience, education, etc. Landscape resumes are useful for applying for internships, summer jobs, and creative positions.

5. Sample Square Resume Template

Sample Easil Square Resume Template

Square resume templates stand out for their minimal approach to sharing information. The only sample square resume template on Easil is only available for premium members. But you can use it as an example and create a square resume from a blank canvas.

You can try other free online resources for customizable resume templates to find more preformatted square resume examples.

The Media Kit CV contains a few more slides than the regular Media Kit CV. It includes more detailed information about your activities, blog or influencer journey, and can be used for live presentations. It has additional slides for testimonials, personal or brand mission, goals, packages, and other relevant information.

Try another resume format

Even if you have a traditional resume, try one of these alternate resume formats. You can create one for your hobby blog, side hustle, or other interests, just to get an idea of ​​how it would pan out. Once you understand the pattern, you can learn more about other resume hacks to stand out from the crowd.

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