9 Useful Services for Instagram Bloggers


With around 1.130 million users worldwide, Instagram is a popular social media platform. People use it to communicate, see something new, show themselves and express their thoughts. Also, many people use this program for business purposes. Yes, today you can use Instagram to make money, and blogging is one of the most popular ways to do that.

For example, imagine you run a travel blog. Tell your subscribers how you rent a 7 seater with location24.fr and drive around the most amazing places in the UK. Along the way, give some tips for finding a cheap rental car. Also advise which car rental model to choose for a family trip, and don’t forget to accompany your stories and posts with vivid photos and videos, of course.

Many bloggers have managed to appreciate the benefits of working with Instagram. However, this all makes sense if you grow your account and have a large follower base. But what if you don’t? Fortunately, today you can use different ways to improve your account and promotion quality. Many services will help you use Instagram as efficiently as possible. Consider the most useful of them:

1. SendPulse

Source: howtoplugin.com

Cross-platform SendPulse solves dozens of marketing tasks, including setting up a response chain for chatbots. You can program answers to the most common questions from potential customers and trust the bot to communicate. If necessary, connect an operator to each conversation.

Additionally, SendPulse allows you to respond to account tags in stories, such as thanking the user or offering a discount. When you connect payment systems, you can even set up payment to place orders in chat. Other useful features include creating subscription widgets and filters for newsletters and collecting user data. The service is also available as a mobile application.

2. SMM Scheduler

Source: smmplanner.com

This program allows you to post scheduled articles and stories. Among the tools are a photo and video editor, a GIF maker, and a tool to set hashtags, geotags, and watermarks to protect documents.

Additionally, SMMPlanner features include placing photos, text, and videos in stories, creating carousel posts, and posting links in bio. One of the benefits is working with unlimited profiles, even on the free plan.

3. Lightroom

Source: amazon.co.uk

One of the most popular Instagram services offers a wide range of photo editing tools. Lightroom is available both on PC and as a mobile app. Users can enjoy detailed step-by-step guides that help master editing in practice. So you can learn the basics of retouching, learn how to create a composition, and use other photo editing tools.

In addition, Lightroom helps you search photos in the database, recognize people in photos, and participate in compiling a photo note. All instructions focus on different levels of users, so the program is also suitable for beginners. These features make Lightroom a popular tool for Instagram bloggers.

4. Canvas

Source: usertesting.com

As a popular service for Instagram bloggers, Canva offers an impressive arsenal of design tools and templates. Blog readers will appreciate the comprehensive educational foundation on key graphic design principles, e-commerce trends, new tools, and life hacks.

With Canva, you can design postcards, booklets, business cards, calendars, and other products. However, social media professionals use a collection of ready-made templates, backgrounds, design elements and other solutions that enhance the attractiveness of the account.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Instagram accounts of popular creators for inspiration and do something similar. All app plans enable team collaboration, cloud storage, hundreds of thousands of templates, snapshots, and graphics, and over a hundred thousand designs.

5. Trend

Source: mandy-gilbert.com

Blogger collaborations are one of the trendiest Instagram promotion tools. Therefore, Trendhero allows you to use your advertising budget efficiently. Its functionality covers finding opinion leaders in a database of millions, checking blogger audience quality, monitoring comments, advertising and collecting analytics on followers.

The service monitors the effectiveness of blogger promotion and selects potential platforms for cooperation. You can find out what interests your audience, what materials they like, and who they follow. As a result, you will come into cooperation with these media personalities who will advertise you effectively. Also, the service simplifies the process of interacting with bloggers, including direct communication, launch advertisingcollection of analytics, etc.

6. Pixaloop

Source: knowtechie.com

Do you want to create unique visual content that attracts customers? Pixaloop is a photo editor to bring images to life. In other words, it turns photos into small videos.

Users note the app’s simple and intuitive interface. Even in the free version, the service does not apply a watermark like most photo editors do. You can use Pixaloop simply as a photo editing app, but its most appealing feature, of course, is the creation of moving objects.

8. InShot

Source: bluestacks.com

The InShot application for iOs and Android is one of the favorite services of Insta-bloggers. Video editor allows you to add music to video, trim it, make simple edit and blur background, ass text, stickers and filters. You can also adjust music volume and speed, and even extract audio from video.

Despite the app’s orientation as an on-the-go video processing service, the developers regularly add new special effects, templates, filters, and editing tools. The downside of the free version is the app logo on processed videos.

Also, you can use InShot as a photo editor. The capabilities of the application do not replace professional video and photo editing programs, but more than effectively solve the problem of creating short and catchy videos for posts, stories and reels. For SMM specialists, a big advantage is the ease of adjusting the desired frame for different formats.

9. Websta

Beautiful photos are not enough for the account to become more and more popular. You should supplement them with specific, concise, and common hashtags that users will use to find you. Thus, Websta is a service that will help you generate popular hashtags on a chosen topic.

The program does not require registration and has an intuitive service. Go to the main page and enter a hashtag related to your photo in the search bar. After that, the site will generate the most popular hashtags. Additionally, the site displays popular Instagram accounts related to your tag topic. As a result, you can go to them to find success ideas for your niche.

In summary, we haven’t covered all Instagram maintenance tools, but we have tried to cover the main marketing tasks. The free versions and trial periods of these services will allow you to choose the ones that best suit your needs!


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