A blogger reviews the new menu of the cafe-restaurant in Plainville


PLAINVILLE – Visitors to a café-restaurant-restaurant in town can enjoy a new menu now focused on brunch and lunchtime products.

Rebel Dog Coffee, 393 Farmington Ave., opened in February 2017. Offering locally made coffees, teas and kombucha as well as a take-out menu of breakfast sandwiches, the shop quickly gained traction. popularity.

In January 2020, Rebel Dog partnered with neighboring restaurant, JD’s Tavern, to become one brand.

Now called “The Tavern”, the restaurant has once again evolved, focusing specifically on brunch and lunch items.

“We decided to focus on our strengths,” said owner and operator Harrison Poltorak.

Daytime business, especially weekends, tends to be strongest for the store. While the restaurant still offers many favorites, like wood-fired pizzas and a variety of sandwiches, the new menu includes a birria breakfast burrito and maple-coffee tater tots.

Foodies can also enjoy trendy items like stacked avocado toast, or branch out into ricotta toast and Mediterranean toast.

The tavern also offers classic and trendy drinks, similar to the menu available in the cafe. Seasonal flavors are also available, with unique flavors alternating throughout the year.

Most of the new items, Poltorak says, are exclusive to Tavern, designed specifically to be enjoyed at the restaurant.

At the cafe, the take-out menu remains unchanged.

For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, the tavern offers a unique make-your-own breakfast sandwich option — consider falafel and refried beans instead of meat and eggs. Vegan baked goods are also available, as well as gluten-free products.

The restaurant also has a heated patio, even on the coldest winter days, providing a Covid-safe option for dining out. Seating options include tables, small couches, and a bar. During the warmer months, a scattering of tables and chairs sit on a shaded patio outside the store.

Sammi Bray from Southington is a freshman at Trinity College, Hartford. She is studying public policy and law, with a minor in rhetoric, writing, and media studies. She has been working as a freelancer for the Record-Journal since June. You can contact her at [email protected]


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