A new paranormal initiation to ‘God’ and ‘The Devil’ is told by Los Angeles blogger Mark Russell Bell of metaphysicalarticles.org


LOS ANGELES, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The latest development in Mark Russell Bell the paranormal interaction is her way of coping with the shocking emergence of the “Alter Ego God” usually referred to as “The Devil”. The “paranormal phenomena” that began to manifest themselves near Mark Russell Bell was first documented with the 1997 Paranormal Case Study Will. (https://testament.org/)

Bell comments, “If the Alter Ego of a real ‘Devil’ or a metaphorical ‘Devil’ becomes more pronounced, the realization of ‘End Times’ beliefs would be almost insurmountable for humanity. I have thought about the social developments of recent years, including the overseas war and cultural programming of supposed military imperatives, the ongoing global pandemic, “corporate thinking”, social unrest and people accustomed to focusing their attention on the mainstream media unaware that there is credible evidence of the human afterlife and spiritual dispensations from The Devil’s ancient Alter Ego that are ignored or overlooked by most contemporary people. case timelines and documented “evidence” in hundreds of non-commercial reports Metaphysical Articles blog posts (https://www.metaphysicalarticles.org/) with photographic evidence provides opportunities to expand one’s view of life.”

In 2009 Bell started blogging. He reports: “In 1999, I distributed press releases and participated in radio interviews with conversations about the 1999 Nostradamus prophecy and the 1998 Edgar Cayce prophecy which ‘came true’ in July 1999.”



Following the publication of WillBell decided to research paranormal case study books and found what he calls “The Michael Pattern” and “The Bell Pattern” which substantially connect famous cases of documented paranormal phenomena, including Nostradamus, John Deethe Fox Sisters associated with the Spiritual Movement, Madame Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Guy and Edna BallardDirect voice media Leslie Flintchannelers such as JZ Knight and Marc Probertand the “Messages from Michael” Ouija Board communication case.

Bell has repeatedly described over the years how he learned of an apparent past life that occurred before known recorded history.

“In 1995, when my pseudonym ‘Mark Russell Bell’ was passed on to me, I remembered what I had learned from the books of Zecharia Sitchin on the individual now known as ‘Bel-Marduk. . .'” The possibility that I lived a past life as Bel-Marduk seemed to be confirmed when I found an Egyptian-style pendant featuring a profile view of someone who looked exactly like me as I did. appeared during my youth. No other ancient object I have ever seen made this impression on me.” (https://www.metaphysicalarticles.org/2020/01/bel-marduk-automatic-writing-session.html)

Contemporary “pop culture” is one of Bell’s blog post topics. These article titles include “Reflections on my unexpected path of spiritual discovery (Journal Post)”; “Reflections and Images – Deciphering the Angelic Initiation”; “Consider various initiations for metaphysical and spiritual insights”; and “‘The Possessed’ and Pop Culture Today”. A list of 165 music video links mentioned on Bell websites can be read on YouTube, a recent addition being that of the INXS Michael Hutchence Pop song “Devil Inside”. [Note from MRB: I wept upon seeing this video Tuesday at 10 a.m.]

Documentation and evidence of Bell’s personal timeline of “paranormal” cases are presented at Metaphysical Articles blog with an index of topics and articles available at https://paranormalencyclopedia.org/

Bell identifies some reasons for people’s ignorance of what can be learned about the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of life:

“The ignorance and negationist responses of authors and journalists to documented case timelines of the paranormal and supernatural throughout modern times are contributing factors for countless people today with little awareness of a range of spiritual dispensations. /metaphysics involving the Divine Force manifesting around individual people as a revelation The current state of society and people waiting for “someone else” to solve the life threatening social and environmental problems reported by scientists since decades has apparently resulted in the emergence of the “devil”.

For more information, visit the two Bell blogs and testament.org

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