Around the online diabetes community: November 2021


Here we end the annual Diabetes Awareness Month, which continues to be marked by COVID-19 and the effects of everything pandemic. Yet this November has been busier than ever with many hot topics in the diabetes social media arena.

Here’s our roundup of the social media and online posts that caught our eye in November 2021. Be sure to tell us about any other notable posts you’ve noticed this month.

November is big awareness month for our diabetes community and there are countless campaigns and initiatives everywhere you turn. With 2021 marking a century since the discovery of insulin, there is even more historical significance this year.

Our community was heartbroken hear about the death of Scott Strange. Rest in peace, Friend.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has helped create an insulin supply problem for those who use Novo Nordisk insulins. The company reports that a temporary manufacturing issue associated with global shipping delays due to COVID-19 has prevented some from accessing the insulin they need in a timely manner. Novo says the manufacturing issue has already been resolved and they expect any delays to be resolved by early December. We appreciate Beta Cell Podcast, Podcast on the juice box, and plead Cherise Shockley for being among the first to share this news. For the record, DiabetesMine asked Sanofi and Eli Lilly about supply chain issues, and both said they had not encountered any issues in the era of the pandemic.

Streaming shows and movies are all the rage these days, and with that in mind, it’s great to see our friend Chelcie rice, a professional comedian, keeping the humor on the diabetes front. And yes, Chelcie: we’d be totally crazy about this show if it was on Disney + to watch.

ICYMI, the Disney Pixar film turns red posted a new trailer featuring not one, but at least TWO characters who appear to be living with diabetes and wearing medical devices. Very cool to see this representation in the mainstream!

World Diabetes Day November 14, Representative Katie Porter of California spoke out against America’s insulin price crisis by wearing a set of earrings made from glass insulin vials. You can read this History of people all about it.

Representative Katie Porter

Riva Greenberg, longtime T1D activist, shared her own World Diabetes Day story of how curious she was about buy insulin in Canada more affordable than is available in the United States. Definitely worth a read.

We often go through an abundance of supplies in our life with diabetes, and this post from Mary Elizabeth on Instagram shows the world how much expense and waste is created in a month. She writes, “It’s not cute. It is not easy. This is definitely not the joke punch line. It is so much more than that. (See also: “Going Green with Diabetes Devices.”)

You don’t owe anyone. In Australia, our blogger friend Renza Scibilia has a Great article about how we have to live with this condition and do what we have to do, and no one has the right to judge.

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