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Check out the best custom Instagram covers for making apps

Editing images for use on social media platforms can be one of the biggest challenges for anyone who wants to become a digital authority but is not an expert. After all, not many people have access to digital design classes and know about tools like Photoshop, which is one of the best apps for creating Instagram covers. However, you need to take advanced courses to create simple (and enjoyable) images for your social network.

Nowadays there are many apps available that one can easily use and make the best cover for their Instagram posts to get more and more followers! Featured Instagram Covers (aka Instagram Story Covers) are those whimsical little circles that hang just below your IG Profile Bio. It’s an amazing way to record and categorize your stories, and creating custom highlight covers can enhance the look of your brand.

In this article, we’ll show you how to speed up your Instagram cover design with our templates, create one from scratch with a blank canvas, and add your custom cover to Instagram. We’ll be sharing some Insta branding tips, as well as various actual Instagram accounts with different featured cover designs.


If you have an Instagram profile with dozens of featured stories without any cover then we have to say your profile looks a little scary. To get rid of it, you can add beautiful covers to your highlights and make them look more attractive. Now the question is, where to find a perfect cover maker for Instagram? Well this app is an answer! We’ve created a free highlighter maker for your Instagram highlights. This allows you to make a history of color, arts of history using floral, colorful and marbled designs.

Cover Maker app

Are you a food blogger? Maybe a business owner? Or do you just want to show off your photo editing skills by using your beautiful images to create great stories? Whatever the case, you will definitely benefit from our featured cover maker, which will help you get more viewers and grow your brand. Collect your favorite stories, give them a cute icon, and take your followers on a journey through the special moments in your life!

Simplified graphic design

Get started in seconds with professionally designed templates that you can modify to create your own with just a few clicks. Choose your images, add text on photos and apply layout filters to instantly create stunning and stunning graphics. Explore new layouts, color palettes, typeface styles, or filters with just one click. Promote your work and brand online and create free brochures, advertisements, collages and invitations. Easily share your creations to wow your followers. Add flair to social media posts and update your Instagram Stories with videos.

Canva – Design, Photography and Video

Canva is a free and versatile graphic design app, Instagram story maker and video collage maker app. Use it as a moodboard and book maker too! Design your cover for Instagram Highlight, Instagram Story or posts without cropping, create logo and banner for social networks: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You can also make birthday invitations and wedding invitations.

Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story

Highlight Cover Maker is a story cover editing app for insta stories. It helps you easily create outstanding high quality ig story covers to add mojo to your Instagram profile and gain more likes and followers! Highlight Cover Maker is another must-have app for your GI besides a collage maker and food planner. The Instagram profile is where you made a first impression on most followers today. Stylish covers and featured insta story titles are important to looking professional and gaining an audience. So let’s develop the climax of your story and get more likes!

Final Words: The Best Custom Instagram Covers For App Building

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