Best Free ClickUp Templates


When it comes to modular productivity and project management service, ClickUp, Notion, Trello, etc. top the list without hesitation. If you are a ClickUp user, you might find this article very handy because here are some of the best free clickup templates you can download from the official repository.

To note: Some models are not available separately on the repository. You can download and apply directly from your ClickUp account.

Best Free ClickUp Templates

The best free ClickUp templates are:

  1. Project management
  2. Plank
  3. home renovation
  4. Video production
  5. Podcast
  6. Task management
  7. Vacation planning
  8. Accounting
  9. Meetings

Let’s see more information about these models.

1]Project management

Best Free ClickUp Templates

As the name suggests, the project management template helps you organize your projects so that you can jot down your tasks, tasks, and complete them smoothly. You can assign various tasks to other members and check progress on the go. Whether you are a team of freelancers, you can use this template to complete your projects conveniently. Download from


Best Free ClickUp Templates

This ClickUp template comes in handy when you’re a freelancer, student, or someone who needs to work and get everything organized properly. Whether you want to jot down your personal tasks or your work-related options, you can use the chart template to get the job done. From adding due date to showing progress, you can add everything in this template. Download from

3]Home renovation

Best Free ClickUp Templates

If you are renovating your home on your own, it is very important to write everything down as well as the progress or current condition. Otherwise, you will miss essential things without knowing it. If you use this template, you can organize everything by room – kitchen, garage, hallways, garden, etc. Then you can add what you need to install, do, buy, etc. If your wife or your friend is helping you with the process, you can assign tasks to that person with a due date and all.

4]Video production

Best Free ClickUp Templates

If you have a YouTube channel where you upload product videos, this template would be the best option to organize everything. You can add progress or status such as EDITING, SHOOTING, FINAL CUT, REVIEW, etc. Then you can assign a task to someone, add a due date, change the priority, etc. Whether you want to add a task for A-Roll or B-Roll, you can do both using this template. Download from


Best Free ClickUp Templates

The podcast template is for those who often record and post podcasts on YouTube or any other platform. Whether you upload one or many podcasts every week to your channel, you can use this template to get the job done smoothly. It allows you to add season, episode, due date, release date, audio, etc. It has four different sections including PLANNED, RECORDED, EDITED, and POSTED. Download from

6]Task Management

Best Free ClickUp Templates

The task management template comes in handy when you need to manage your tasks for different purposes. For example, you want a platform where you can add your personal and professional tasks and manage them all together. At such a time, you can use this template to get things done. It allows you to add due date, priority, current status, estimated time, department, etc. Whether you want to implement it in a team or use it for personal purposes, you can install this template without any problem. Download from

7]Vacation planning

Best Free ClickUp Templates

If you are going on vacation, this template will help you plan everything. When you go on vacation, several things, such as location, tour plan, hotels, start and end dates, etc., must be considered. Whether you’re planning a vacation with family, friends, or solo, you can use this template to make your job easier. You can add start date, due date, booking status, address, important websites, etc.


Best Free ClickUp Templates

Many times you may need to do accounting for personal or business purposes. If you’re doing it yourself instead of another family member, you can use the accounting template on ClickUp. It is one of the best financial templates to organize your account conveniently. It allows you to add contact information, due date, priority, amount, trust level, category, invoice number, etc. Apart from that, you can add some notes to check and acknowledge tasks in future. Download from


Best Free ClickUp Templates

If you manage meetings for a large company in the office, you can use this template to invite people and organize everything easily. This template allows you to add due date, priority, estimated time, progress, room number, meeting type, topics/agendas, etc. Whether it’s an online or offline meeting, you can use this template to organize your meeting with everyone in your team. Download from

How to install ClickUp templates?

There are two ways to install ClickUp templates to your account. At first, you can click on the links given above to choose a particular theme. Then click on the Add template button. Then you need to mention a space where you want to install the template.

Second, you can open your ClickUp account and click on the Automate button visible in the upper right corner and select the Models option.

Best Free ClickUp Templates

Then you can choose a template you want to install. After that, click on the Use the model and choose a space where you want to install it.

Best Free ClickUp Templates

It will be installed immediately.

How can I get ClickUp templates?

To get ClickUp templates, you can check the official repository. There are many templates that you can download and install on your account. There is no limit to the number of models you can fit in a space.

Does ClickUp have templates?

Yes, ClickUp offers many templates. The best thing is that you can download any model from the official gallery for free. Whether you want to download a template for project management, vacation planning, or anything else, you can download a ClickUp template using this guide.

That’s all! I hope you find these free ClickUp templates helpful.

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Best Free ClickUp Templates


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