Biden announces he identifies as black; All reviews are therefore racist | The Jewish Press – | Concerned Territory | 22 Sivan 5782 – June 20, 2022


Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Here, Biden identifies as both a member of the Obama family AND a Jew!

Washington, June 20 – The historically unpopular President of the United States continued this week to scramble to shore up his polls with a tactic aimed at covering up the tide of opprobrium from his main opponents: changing his race to African American in order to that he can paint these opponents as motivated by racial animosity.

Joe Biden announced today that he is now black and his critics are automatically suspected of racism. “That’s how we in the Democratic Party and in that part of the political spectrum handle things,” he said. “Republicans cannot indulge in bona fide criticism; e established that a long time ago. No criticism of Republicans deserves judgment on the merits of the criticism per se: We must view every criticism of GOP members and supporters as a cynical exploitation of an issue to advance a racist agenda. I’m black. They criticize me. Ergo, they hate black people. That’s how it works in America.

Mainstream media sources rushed to help. “It’s a brave move to identify so publicly as a member of a marginalized community,” remarked MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, formerly the White House press secretary. “The reluctance of some right-wing public figures and, for example, Fox News, to acknowledge how difficult it must be to be the second black president in history demonstrates the hypocritical nature of those who claim to hold power. government to task, but really I just want to reinstate Jim Crow.

Only hostile or skeptical — and therefore, by definition racist — journalists have observed Biden’s history as a lawmaker who allied himself with segregationists. “None of that matters,” said Ben Rhodes, an adviser to President Barack Obama. “To mention this, especially in these precarious political circumstances, can only be interpreted as an attempt to keep the black man down. It has an ugly, ugly history. This part of history we are happy to explore. The part where the Democrats participated in perpetuating it and profiting from it is less so. And pointing that out is also racist, in fact if not in intent.

Democratic strategists have debated the move, with some citing Hillary Clinton’s characterization of Trump voters as a “basket of deplorables” before his failed 2016 presidential campaign. Some prominent party figures have warned against the alienation of much-needed moderate and independent voters ahead of the looming midterms that look bleak for Democrats, but others have insisted that the reason for the current dire poll numbers stems from an underuse of racism claims – that you can never call too many people Nazis.

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