Big news: Instagram is merging all video content into Reels format


Are you ready for one of the biggest Instagram announcements we’ve seen this year? Brace yourself: the Instagram experience is radically changing once again!

In the massive news of Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram), we just learned that Instagram is now moving to a video content format and streamlining its video experience. Starting today, all videos uploaded to Instagram will be shared as reels.

That’s right: all new videos under 15 minutes will now be posted as reels on Instagram.

Ready to learn more about this exciting new update? Let’s dive!

Instagram Reels Video Merger

It’s true, Reels is now the dominant video format on Instagram. Starting today, all users will receive a pop-up explaining that video posts will be shared as reels, streamlining the video experience on Instagram.

There are a few exceptions to this Instagram Reels video merger:

  • First, all existing non-Reels videos will remain standard videos on Instagram
  • Also, not all videos longer than 15 minutes will be released as reels.

As Adam explains, “It doesn’t mean that every video has to be a dance video or a lip-sync video. But this means that when you create a video on Instagram, you will have access to all these Reels tools.

Also, you will notice some changes on your Instagram profile. Rather than having two tabs for video (one for Reels and one for Videos), you’ll switch to one consolidated Reels tab.

This is an exciting initiative to help more people discover your content on Instagram. The key is to make sure your profile is made public so other users can remix your Reel (and increase your chances of your content appearing in the Discover feed).

Coil models

Next, Instagram is expanding its templates feature through Reels. While the the feature was first tested with a handful of content creators earlier this yearthe feature is rolling out to users worldwide.

“If you go to the Reels tab and tap on the camera, at the bottom, you’ll get a templates option, which will show you a bunch of different Reels ideas – because sometimes we just need a little bit of tweaking. ‘inspiration,” says Adam.

The goal of Reels templates is to make it easier for brands and creators to produce original content while using another user’s proven format or structure.

Remix improvements

While most of these updates are geared towards video content, this next change incorporates static photo content. Instagram has just launched the possibility of making a Reels Remix from a photo.

Plus, there’s a stack of additional features and enhancements to Remix, including picture-in-picture formats, green screen functionality as well as top-down displays (right rather than to the left and to the right).

Even better, you can now add a video at the end of your Remix video to give you even more creative possibilities on Instagram.

Dual camera

To help you take advantage of all the cameras on your phone, Instagram just launched an exciting new dual camera feature.

This means you can use both your rear and front camera to shoot content simultaneously for an even more dynamic and immersive experience. It’s a perfect tool for capturing engaging reaction videos to inspire and connect with your audience!

How to Automatically Schedule and Post Your Instagram Reels with Plann

With Reels now the only video format on Instagram, there’s never been a better time to plan ahead and schedule your Reels all at once.

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  • Step 2: Select your post format as Reels.
  • Step 3: Add a custom cover image to keep your grid consistent.
  • Step 4: Create your caption, add your hashtags and set your location tag.
  • Step 5: Schedule your reel for automatic posting!

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