Biophilic design will dominate in 2022, according to Pinterest


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Get ready, plant lover! Biophilic design is poised to be the next best thing in 2022. Pinterest just released its Pinterest Predicts list, which includes information on the most wanted trends the platform has seen over the years. And, unsurprisingly, biophilic design has been the basis of a lot of popular research, including biophilic architecture, floral ceilings, stair gardens, biophilic office design, and biophilic bedrooms. This shift to nature-centric design (read more about what exactly “biophilic design” means here) comes after a year that has seen an unprecedented increase in the popularity of houseplants, as well as outdoor gardening and gardening. of landscaping.

Other notable home trends from the Pinterest Predicts list include:

Lots of curves

If you find a curved piece of furniture, buy it! Curved sofas, pool decks, walls, kitchen islands, bars, etc. will be important in 2022. Pinterest user and German blogger Luisa says she “can’t get enough of the furniture and curved details.” Curves add instant personality to rooms in the home in need of a sprucing up. Bland living room? Try a curved sofa. Basic room? Add a vaulted green wall.

Safe spaces

Having a place to retreat in your home is vital, so everything from music-themed rooms to crystal rooms to an in-home massage room is all the rage right now. Other options include a rage room or a small library room.

Ancient Greece

Some of Pinterest’s more recent searches include everything Greek, like ancient Greek jewelry, Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper, Greek statue art, Corinthian columns, and, in general, the aesthetic of ancient Greece.


There was no shortage of luxury-focused Pinterest research trends this year, including luxury bedroom ideas for basements, garages, kids’ rooms, playrooms, and even laundry rooms.

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