Blogger Vs. WordPress Comparison – Forbes Advisor


Blogger and are free, but WordPress is self-hosted. That means you have to use a hosting company to use it. You can find hosting companies for a few dollars a month if you pay for three years at a time. While many WordPress plugins are free, some of the more extensive ones will cost you money, like those meant to give you an online store.

Since 2018, Blogger offers unlimited storage. The amount of storage available with WordPress depends on the host company you’re using, but 50GB is standard for most businesses. For most people, that’s enough. Once your site receives more traffic, you may need to increase the plan you pay for, which often includes unlimited storage and a dedicated server.

WordPress offers thousands of free themes, as well as premium themes. Blogger has a handful of similar themes, and one site suggests there’s a workaround to download a premium theme, but others say their solution doesn’t work. If you’re looking for advanced customization and a unique look for your site, you’ll want to go with WordPress.

Although WordPress requires a little more coding knowledge than Blogger, it’s a very popular platform, so there are thousands of walkthroughs for just about anything you’re having trouble with. Most hosting companies even offer one-click installation so you can get started quickly. Once your site is up and running, you can drag and drop images, text, and a whole host of content into the editor. Blogger does not have drag and drop functionality.


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