Canucks specialty jerseys must be worn throughout the game


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If there’s one facet of the organization where the Canucks are the best in the NHL, it’s specialty jerseys.

The Canucks unveiled their 2SLGBTQ+ jersey, designed by a Swedish queer artist named Mio.

It follows in the footsteps of the Black History Month jersey, Lunar New Year jersey and Diwali jersey from earlier this season to launch it.

As the Broadscast’s Vanessa Jang tweeted:

Listen, listen, Vanessa.

And hey, if the league doesn’t allow teams to wear them in games, then at least sell those jerseys at the team store!

Heard Monday night by an NHL employee who said it was the least the league could do.

Listen, I get brand standards and understand that owners, managers, coaches, players, employees, and even some fans can infuse these crests with a sacrosanct meaning that I just can’t fathom.

But here’s the thing: they would sell like hot cakes.

And better yet, think how a queer or gay Canucks fan would feel putting on one of these 2SLGBTQ+ jerseys.

Not just the pride (pun intended), but the sense of belonging that their team paved the way and brought these specialty jerseys to market, and to the streets of BC and beyond.

We’ve long said on our show, no matter their weaknesses on the ice, in the executive suite and in the owner’s quarters, Canucks Sports and Entertainment does a magnificent job of wrapping its arms around the diverse, multicultural and progressive constituencies of Vancouver and British Columbia.

More recently, Jim Rutherford has forged himself to build a diverse front office that includes two women in leadership positions. There should be a lot of pride at Rogers Arena over this deal.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Canucks lead the league in tasteful, striking, and empowering specialty jerseys.

As hockey blogger Jeff Veillette said:

Agree wholeheartedly.

In fact, the hardest part of these jerseys for me was The Awesome Rink Wide Poll Question on this point. Which is your favourite?

I voted Diwali because it was the only rendition on Stick-in-Rink, and I never thought Stick-in-Rink could look so good.

But there are no wrong answers here. In fact, most of this exercise was fair, so fair, and I applaud the Canucks and the artists for celebrating our community living up to the slogan: we are all Canucks.

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