Dave Chappelle to Host First Post-Election ‘SNL’


Controversial comedian Dave Chappelle is set to return as host of “Saturday Night Live” in his first show after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

NBC’s long-running live-action comedy and variety series shared the news of Chappelle’s return to history functions over the weekend, with Black Star as musical guests.

It’s a trend for Chappelle, who enjoyed mainstream success for his Comedy Central comedy series “Chappelle’s Show,” to host “SNL” after the U.S. election, hosting the episodes after the 2016 presidential election results and 2020.

Chappelle, 49, was at the center of massive controversy after making transphobic and homophobic remarks in his Netflix comedy special ‘The Closer’, with the stand-up using rude terms to refer to transgender people and ranting his beef years with the transgender community.

“The Closer,” one of several comedy specials Chappelle has done with the streaming service, earned an Emmy nomination earlier this year despite backlash from the LGBTQ+ community and some within Netflix.

Chappelle was also the victim of an attack earlier this year when a man, who identified as bisexual, attacked the comedian on stage during his show at the Hollywood Bowl in California, claiming he had been “triggered by the comedian’s rhetoric and attacking the comedian before being detained by security guards on site.


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