ex-“GNTM”-Candidates: they succeed outside the fashion industry


In addition to models, “Germany’s next top model” has also produced successful presenters, influencers and actresses.

In the meantime, the 17th season of the “next German top model” is already shimmering on television screens and Heidi Klum (48) is once again on the lookout for promising young models. Over the 16 years of the casting show, there have been winners and contestants who didn’t win, but still made it in the modeling world because of the show. Still others have not found success in the fashion industry. For these former contestants, the show was a stepping stone to a modeling career.

reality stars

Fans of ‘Germany’s next top model’ love the show for the often quirky and entertaining contestants. Although they usually don’t have a great modeling career after participating, one or the other frolics in other TV formats and makes their money off it. This is what happened with Theresia Fischer (29), for example. She polarized in 2019 with her comforter, groundhog Herbert, and her live-action marriage to Thomas, 28 years her senior, in the show’s finale. Then she remained faithful to television: she participated in “Celebrity Big Brother” and shows like “The Festival of Reality Stars” or “Pokerface – don’t laugh”.

In doing so, she is following in the footsteps of other cult “GNTM” participants – such as Sarah Knappik (35), who was able to further increase her notoriety in 2011 with her participation in the RTL jungle camp. Later, her former best friend from the days of “Germany’s next top model”, Gina-Lisa Lohfink (35), did the same. She moved to jungle camp in 2017. Former “GNTM” contestants who also participated in jungle camp or other reality formats after the modeling show are Fiona Erdmann (33), Larissa Marolt ( 29), Micaela Schäfer (38), Sara Kulka (31), Gisèle Oppermann (34) and more recently Zoe Saip (22).

This year, “GNT” crybaby Oppermann should even be seen again on reality TV. As “Bild” reports, she is set to appear on “The Big Celebrity Penance.” In this year’s season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, two former “GNTM” contestants can also be admired. Tessa Bergmeier (32) from season four and Larissa Neumann (21), who only participated in model casting in 2020, will face tough challenges alongside other celebrities.

The actresses

Larissa Marolt used the participation in “Germany’s next top model” as a stepping stone beyond reality formats: she is now a sought-after actress. She was already interested in acting in her youth and successfully completed her acting education in New York in 2013. In 2011, she appeared in 138 episodes of the telenovela “Anna and Love”. 2017 followed a first role in the 14th season of the series “Storm of Love”, in which she played doctor Alicia Lindbergh. In addition to some theatrical engagements, she was in the ZDF series “Blutige Beginner” from 2020 to 2021. Since 2022 she can look forward to a role in the soap opera “Unter uns”.

In addition to her career as a model and dancer, Taynara Wolf (25) has also created a second pillar with the theater. After reaching fifth place in the eleventh season of Heidi Klum’s show in 2016, Wolf landed a lead role in the series “All or Nothing” in 2018. The fact that Sat.1 ended the series after only a few months did not harm his career. . After a few supporting roles in “SOKO Munich” and a “Tatort” in 2019, Wolf had a permanent role in the RTL series “Der Lehrer” from 2020 to 2021.

Even a winner went among the actresses. Barbara Meier (35) convinced both with her talent as a model and as an actress. Three years after her victory in 2007, we see her regularly in small supporting roles on television. More recently, she was in front of the camera for the American heist film “Army of Thieves” (2021) alongside actor Matthias Schweighöfer.

Instagrammers, Youtubers & Co.

For several years, a “GNTM” participation has not only promoted notoriety, but also the number of followers on social networks. Many former contestants have used this boost, so they can now live off their earnings as influencers. Above all: Stefanie Giesinger (25). More than four million people follow her on Instagram. The 25-year-old won the competition in 2014. The model also has her own cosmetics brand to thank for her success on Instagram. Under the name “Moy”, she sells various skin care products. Together with her boyfriend, YouTuber Marcus Butler (30), she also has her own “nu-in” fashion brand.

Gerda Lewis (29) is also an indispensable part of the German social media world. About a million people follow the blonde on Instagram. In 2018, she entered the top 20 of the model casting contest. She was previously active as an influencer on Instagram and was able to further increase her reach through her participation. At least since she was looking for her love as “Bachelorette” on RTL in 2019, her follower numbers have exploded.

Anna Maria Damm (25) can expect more subscribers. She is followed by around 1.9 million people on Instagram and nearly 640,000 on YouTube. After reaching fifth place in the “next German top model” in 2013, the 25-year-old has established herself as a blogger and vlogger. Alone and with her sister Katharina Damm, she creates successful YouTube videos that have increased her popularity beyond “GNTM”. The sibling duo now sell their own fashion. Damm also launched her own skincare line in 2020.

Fata Hasanovic (25) and Anuthida Ploypetch (24) are among the most popular “GNTM” participants on social media. Both inspire over 400,000 followers on Instagram with their content. But ex-candidate Darya Strelnikova (29) also has more than 280,000 followers on Instagram. She made the top five in season ten.

The all-rounders

By winning the first season of “Germany’s next top model” in 2006, many doors opened for Lena Gercke (33) in the world of modeling. However, the Marburg native proved she has completely different talents. In 2013 and 2014, Gercke sat alongside Bruce Darnell (64) and Dieter Bohlen (68) on the “Das Supertalent” jury. She has been expanding her jury experience since 2018 in “Das Ding des Jahres”. Moreover, the 33-year-old has been a successful presenter for many years. After winning “GNTM”, she hosted the Austrian branch from 2009 to 2012 and many ProSieben formats such as “red! “, “The Voice of Germany” or the annual “About You Awards”. She has been selling her own fashion since 2019 and has her own furniture collection. In July 2020, she also gave birth to a daughter.

Rebecca Mir (30) proves that a career like this doesn’t necessarily require a profit. In the sixth season of the search for models, Mir took second place in the finals in 2011. When she participated in “Let’s Dance” in 2012, it was only enough to regain second place. However, she found love there with professional dancer Massimo Sinato (41). Since 2021, the two are parents of a little boy. In 2012, Mir also began to regularly moderate the “taff” of ProSieben magazine. In addition to many moderating jobs, she has also tried her hand at acting in supporting roles, such as in 2013 in “In aller Hoffnung”. She also received a special honor in 2020 and 2021: she was allowed to sit on the jury as a special guest alongside Heidi Klum in an episode of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.



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