How do we save Labor from the ticking time bomb of Kiri’s hate speech?


I agree that the 50-year-old law needs to be changed and there should be an expansion of protections against discrimination, but criminalizing speech to satisfy the Woke’s low threshold of hate in a culture of unleashed outrage is a recipe for a political disaster!

Incitement to violence is a clear threshold and we allow the Commission on Human Rights to act as a filter for this bigotry by bringing people together to educate and try to address issues of discrimination.

The Woke don’t want a filter, they want a weapon.

They see this hate speech as a way to slap racist scumbags, transphobic villains, and misogynistic rapists.

This is not social policy, this is revenge fantasy!

The daily alarm clock to-do list would look like this

-update by taking a selfie for Instagram
-correct others on their pronunciation te Reo
-cycle to deposit recycling
-call the police and report pronoun abuse as a hate crime
– getting into a Twitter argument about Meghan Markle living her best life, reporting a hate crime to the police and trying to get the person fired
– juice cleaning
-bake bread and be present with gratitude

Throwing someone in jail for 3 years using a police defined law is not liberal progressive democracy, no matter how lofty the goals of life!

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We are the New Zealand Left!

We do not hesitate to discuss!

Our ancestors bled in foreign land against the Nazis during World War II so that no citizen would be forced to live under the tyranny of fascism!

Our ancestors fought for the belief of the protected individual before the might of the state, that no government should abuse the gifts of democracy by enslaving its own people!


And yet we are seriously debating incorporating hate speech into the Crimes Act, allowing the fucking police to define hate and extending the prison sentence from 3 months to 3 years!

We will include a blasphemy law and could criminalize the misuse of pronouns and political opinions we don’t like – how on earth does that protect us from the next terrorist attack on white supremacy?

Why has NOBODY asked if this heavy-handed authoritarian approach will actually generate more radicalization?

Watch the Disinformation Project’s recent attempt to have a closed-door meeting with the mainstream media to have a secret discussion about what opinion reporters and news producers should put forward for the election. TDB tried to access the event but we were denied as apparently in just 2 days the event was ‘booked’.

How convenient.

The event has now been canceled because the Disinformation Project claimed that social media attention to their secret media encounter intimidated them.

It is now a self-reinforcing link between the gatekeepers of elite opinion and the voices they strive to nullify and distort.

Aren’t we inadvertently creating a thousand new radical recruits by allowing the Woke activists to fulfill all their revenge fantasies by constantly having the police investigate everyone they hate?

This is what it is about on the SIS blacklist of anyone who harbors “us and them” mentalities, do we put the police in this swamp and demand that they also start arresting people ?

Remember the example of Rachel Stewart from last year when woke activists fabricated tweets she wrote as a gun threat and had her house run down with police taking her guns?

It’s the kind of games we’re indulging in if we criminalize speech and call the SIS scoffers.

Labor needs to find a simple solution to this that protects minorities while avoiding the issue of free speech altogether.

Labor made a fuss about having National on board, but they said the exact same thing to Councils about 3 Waters and that quickly changed, didn’t it?

Labor would like National’s backing as it gives them political cover, but the right is gaining too much political power through a fight for free speech, so Luxon would be crazy to agree to anything remotely resembling what has now been proposed.

It shouldn’t be a free speech issue for Labor at all, it should be an anti-harassment campaign.

Everyone in a liberal progressive democracy deserves the same agency. Muslims, gay people or trans people should not feel mistreated, threatened or scared just to be in public. Graeme Edgler has written extensively on this and makes excellent points about how we might balance freedom of speech with the right not to feel threatened.

The debate must focus on the fight against bullying, not on freedom of expression!

Adding gender identity and religion to existing discrimination legislation is absolutely right, our fellow citizens and comrades deserve to live in a society that cannot discriminate against them!

The solutions here reinforce and extend our current systems to ensure that people are not harassed or discriminated against, the solution is not to give the power to censor opinions to the state and throw people in jail!

We also need to focus on better public broadcasting like the RNZ/TVNZ merger and more social media regulations (including taxes to fund such journalism) to prevent algorithms from weaponizing debate.

If the government wants to make New Zealand more ‘socially cohesive’ it should build more houses, use a wider range of taxes against business and fully fund mental health, education and public health – it doesn’t shouldn’t enforce blasphemy laws and criminalize pronoun abuse!

Labor must urgently ignore the Woke and focus on changing the law that protects minorities without giving the green light to a tsunami of complaints that is fast becoming an attempt to purge views we don’t like!

The left should defend free speech, not try to kill it!

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