How to Remove Blogger Footer Credit Links Without Redirect


If you don’t have enough money to buy a blogger template. Then you will obviously try free blogger templates which still have editing limitations. Today I will teach you how to remove footer credit links in blogger without redirecting on the owner’s website.

So, let’s start:

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There are 2 ways to remove blogger credit links. I won’t show you because it unintentionally links your blog to the owner’s blog. People used to teach to add a copyright code before the copyright section, but this hides the owner link and shows your blog link. But that’s not quite the right way to do it.

The way I’m going to show you will be completely remove the credit link from your blogger blog and add your own without redirecting. Let’s get into the subject.

1. Download MalZila:

To remove the footer link, you need to download Malzilla, a javascript decoder, and we’ll use it to decode your blog’s javascript code. If you don’t know how to program, don’t worry, just follow my advice, and it will be easy for you.

Download Malzila: Malzila

For this, you need to copy the javascript code from your blogger dashboard. Let me show you how.

1. log in to your blogger account and access the dashboard.

2. Move towards “Theme” and click Personalize and select Edit HTML code.

3. HTML page will appear, then you have to search for the script as shown below :

Search and copy the code as below.

It’s really a big piece of code, and you have to copy it until eval(_NDQTuH) and before the //]]>


4. After that, open Malzila and select decoder in the toolbar and paste this code. Then click the decode button. When you do this, a new window will appear where 2 or three links will be given. Double-click on the first link, paste it again on it and click on the decode button.

As you can see I have mentioned each step in the picture. You must delete the script before pasting the new one again.

5. When you only see one link in the Assessment Results window (), you need to double click on this link and copy the code below. As mentioned in the picture.

Be sure to double click this link and then copy the code after double clicking the link.

You have now done the trickiest part of removing the credit link from the blogger footer.

6. Then you need to open this site: and paste this copied code as in the picture and click the beautify code button.

Then you will click on embellish the code. You will see that your code will be properly aligned. In the first 30 rows, you will see the template owner URL. This is where you need to replace the name and URL with your blog. Then you have to replace the part of the old code with this new one. I mean, copy it and replace it with the code you copied before decoding it.

After changing your blog URL and title, you also need to change it from the copyright footer section.

7. You need to find the footer credit link in the blogger HTML section and replace it with the URL and title you changed in this code.

Now it’s done. I have a video on YouTube, but this one is in Hindi. But I hope it will also help you to remove footer credit links without redirect.

I hope now you can remove footer credit links from any blogger blog, and that will not redirect on the owner’s website.

If you did not understand, you can ask me in the comments that I help you 24/7.

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