How to successfully rename your Instagram account


When was the last time you critically analyzed your brand’s visual identity?

Maybe you’ve had the same logo since you started your business. Maybe you haven’t changed your fonts and colors since starting your Instagram account. Or maybe you just don’t feel inspired by your current Instagram look?

If your Instagram account doesn’t seem aligned with your brand or business vision, it’s time for a change! To keep your brand fresh with your ideal customers and ensure you stand out in your niche, it’s important to keep your visual identity fresh and engaging.

You do not know where to start ? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to successfully rename your Instagram account and everything you need to consider along the way.

Step 1: Identify your rebranding goals

Before you even consider your fonts, colors, and new logo, you need to answer this question: what do you want to accomplish by renaming your business?

Besides just changing your visual identity, you need to clarify exactly what goals you’re working towards before you begin your rebranding journey.

Concretely, some of the goals you might have for your rebranding include:

• You want to attract a new audience segment or a different type of buyer

• You want to modernize your business and boost your professionalism

• You want to carve out a new niche in your industry

• You want to create clear guidelines to ensure your social content is consistent

By starting with your goals, you’ll be able to make strategic decisions about the new visual identity that’s right for your business. It’s all about putting on your professional hat before you dive into the creative side of rebranding your Instagram account.

Step 2: Create a mood board

With goal setting out of the way, it’s time to start gathering inspiration. Creating a whole new brand identity is a daunting task and can feel overwhelming if you don’t have the right framework in place.

However, by starting with a mood board, you can begin to refine your new look to make the next steps easier.

We suggest you create a Pinterest board where you can save images, fonts, photographs, and graphics that catch your eye. Be sure to look beyond your own industry and draw inspiration from a wide range of businesses and niches.

With this mood board at your fingertips, you’ll be able to pull out common themes, graphic elements, and even colors and fonts that might work well for your new branding.

Step 3: Select your brand fonts and colors

Now it’s time to narrow down how you want your brand to appear on Instagram (and all of your marketing materials).

The best branding uses a specific set of brand colors and fonts that capture the vibe and personality of your business. Rather than using every color in the rainbow, narrowing down your color palette to four to eight shades will help followers remember your brand on social media.

The same goes for fonts: make sure you choose an eye-catching title font as well as a support font or two that can be used for small titles and body text.

Our advice: think about how these colors and fonts will work together when making your selections. Too many bright, bold colors can clash, and too many crazy, creative fonts can be hard to read. Instead, use a stylish mix of neutral shades with pops of color to give your brand an elevated yet professional look.

Step 4: Create New Templates

We’re big fans of streamlining your content creation process! One of the best ways to take the guesswork out of designing content for Instagram is to use graphic templates.

By using a tool like Canva, you can easily set up templates that can be customized and edited over and over again. Think about the type of posts you’ll be sharing regularly (like quotes, memes, testimonials, tips, and reels).

Next, design a few templates to fit each content pillar. These can be saved in Canva and quickly edited to speed up your content creation workflow.

Psst… did you know you can create all your great Canva designs without leaving your Plann workspace? Our Canva integration gives you access to thousands of customizable templates and the ability to design your own branded content right in your workspace.

Step 5: Update your Instagram account

With your new ready-to-use colors, fonts, and templates, it’s time to refresh your Instagram account.

Although rebranding your Instagram account may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually easier than you think! Here is a quick checklist of steps to help you update your profile:

• Upload your new logo as your profile picture

• Update your bio and account name to ensure it reflects your new brand identity

• Update your Instagram Story Highlight covers to reflect your new branding

• Share 3 new posts to announce your new brand image

Tip: take advantage of Instagram’s new pinning tool and pin these 3x rebrand announcement posts to the top of your feed! This will get your followers familiar with your new look.

Step 6: Create and schedule your branded content

The best part of teasing your rebranding on social media? This gives you plenty of time to plan your new Instagram content.

Log in to your Plann account and have your launch schedule ready in perfect condition.

Here are some things you will need to decide:

• When you want to deploy your company’s rebranding.

• What content pieces do you need to create for launch (Reels, Stories, Feed Posts, etc.)

• How much new content do you need to create?

• What are your new content pillars?

Once you have a rough plan, schedule release dates in your Plan calendar and work backwards.

What does that mean?

• Set the end goal (the due date of the content item).

• Set a date for editing, writing the caption and scheduling it in Plann.

• Set a date when you have to film/shoot the visuals.

By working backwards, you break tasks into smaller chunks and bring the whole process together instead of blowing it apart.

Need more help Planning your content strategy? Use the content prompts feature and select “Start a sale”.

You’ll need to tweak it slightly to fit your Instagram rebranding strategy, but it’s a good starting point for understanding how to roll out your message over time and educate your audience.

Step 7: Review, test and iterate

Remember: your brand image is not immutable! Once you’ve launched your rebrand, be sure to follow your Instagram analytics to see how your new content is performing.

Why not run an Instagram Stories poll to see what your followers think of your rebrand? This can give you instant feedback on how to adjust and improve your brand change.

Additionally, you can use Plann’s in-depth Instagram analytics to find out which color palette performs best and which shades to ditch too!

Plan your Instagram rebrand

Now that you’ve learned how to successfully rebrand your Instagram account, it’s time to put the tools in place to support your brand’s evolution!

We’re a little biased, but we believe Plann is the ultimate all-in-one social media suite for brands and businesses that are at the top of their game.

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