Inspirational teenage actress, model, social media influencer and charity activist wins national top prize



Award-winning actress and international model Lamissah La-Shontae has received the Medal of Honor at the British Citizen Youth Awards, which are held annually to recognize young members of the community who are making a difference.

The 14-year-old was one of 23 extraordinary youngsters entered in the 2021 Honor Roll of the rewards program which is now in its fifth year. Nominations poured in for the awards to recognize the achievements of young people like Lamissah who, despite the pandemic, have continued to show kindness and commitment to their community.

Lamissah received her award at the Palace of Westminster by Nicky Cox MBE, patron of the awards and editor of First News.

Award-winning actress and international model Lamissah La-Shontae receives Medal of Honor at British Citizen Youth Awards

The glittering event was hosted by TV presenter Anthea Turner, who praised the recipients.

She said: “This group of British Citizen Youth Award medalists represented community leadership, technology for good, climate campaigns and social awareness.

“Meeting them all made me feel more confident about the future than I have felt in a while.

“They are amazing young people who deserve this recognition and I hope others aspire to be like them.”

Lamissah started helping others when she was only five years old after losing her grandfather and watching her younger brother Xavier (11) suffer from complex health issues. Visiting her brother in various hospitals, Lamissah saw many sick children and adults which prompted her to start her journey towards fundraising and various awareness campaigns for many different charities.

She started by raising funds for underprivileged children around the world through the Rainbow Child Foundation by participating in a natural competition representing her hometown and her country in Paris.

Lamissah raised £ 10,000 through a series of events including a sponsored swim, children’s charity day, fashion shows, fundraising walk and sponsored Christmas carols.

Having seen many children with underlying health issues, Lamissah’s empathetic nature makes her visit children’s hospitals regularly, where she will read to children or be an ear to listen to them, giving them a sense of normalcy. She made Christmas boxes and gift bags out of her own pocket, wanting them to have something to open and look forward to.

Lamissah did all of this great work despite her own health issues when she had to have a mild skin melanoma removed. But she turned the experience into a positive experience for others by working on a global campaign that shows models with scars in everything from cancer to burns.

Lamissah’s work has earned her the honor of becoming an ambassador for several charities, organizations and brands.

She is also a successful actress, international model, blogger and “influencer” with a huge social media presence, racking up over 200,000 Instagram followers. Lamissah is keen to use her voice and influence to support people of all ages in all aspects of mental health, abuse and bullying.

As an actress, Lamissah has worked with several prominent directors, actors and celebrities and she has won a series of roles in a wide range of television series and dramas, feature films and short films, as well as music videos. mainstream and independent music.

A student at Shuttleworth College in Padiham, Lamissah lives with her parents, Zohra and Shahid Bhatti, and she also has three older brothers, Sajjad (29) Naushad (27) and Hamza, 23.

She has been a model in the Fashion Weeks in London and Paris as well as the Top Model Competition in Orlando. She attended Liverpool Fashion Week and recently paraded for a Birmingham fashion show to raise money for the MIND charity.

Lamissah’s proud mother said: “The list of selfless acts of kindness and support to others that Lamissah has shown is endless.

“She just wants to make a difference in the world, and now, having the platform she’s worked so hard for makes it a lot easier to help raise awareness and support the charities she cares about.”



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