Instagram for Business: Top Tips to Increase Your Brand Awareness


Over time, more and more businesses are incorporating social media promotion into their growth strategy as it has proven to be effective and fast. In fact, it’s rare to find a brand that doesn’t have a profile on major social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The latter is now considered the most comfortable medium for businesses of all kinds. Admittedly, the competition is huge these days, and many brands use services that allow them to buy Instagram. subscribers for only $1 because it seems like a cheap and quick way to build a social media profile. Well, that’s partly true, although it’s a bit more complicated. Buying followers, likes or views for your content is not a complete solution, but it can become part of a very successful case if you apply the extra effort. In this text, you will find the best effective tips that will help you increase your brand awareness on Instagram.

What is brand awareness

This term comes from marketing and describes the popularity of the brand, or in other words, the degree of recognition of the product by consumers, mainly by its name. Other factors can increase brand awareness, such as a specific shape, color or packaging. On social media, and Instagram in particular, brand awareness also includes the visual representation of the brand. Content that works to increase brand awareness should form some product image, but it should be noted that due to huge competition in most industries, brands need to expose more information about themselves- even on social networks to arouse the interest of their target audience, for example by describing the values ​​of the brand, or social work.

why it matters

Building brand awareness is the first step towards an effective strategy to attract more customers. The more people recognize your brand by name and a bunch of secondary factors, the faster it becomes iconic and you become a trendsetter in your niche. For businesses, this is crucial if you want to build a sustainable business and beat your competitors. If you have created an effective campaign, in the race for brands, the customer will choose you because they are more comfortable with what they have more information about. Luckily, social media makes it easy for you, as it offers many methods that help you introduce your brand to potential customers.

Here are hacks and tips that can help you come up with a great strategy to increase your brand awareness.

1. Create a recognizable visual

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned high-quality visuals as one of the main factors that increase BA. So, let’s explore it more closely. As we now know, to form a recognizable image, you need to create a range of keys that will trigger your consumer’s memory:

  • Integrate the shape of your object into your design
  • Create an iconic set of colors that represent your brand
  • Use a limited number of photo filters, assigning different filters for different product campaigns
  • Use a logo and other branding tools to decorate your profile

2. Collect as much user feedback as possible

This is necessary, so that you have enough material to expose and impress your potential buyers with a successful customer experience. On Instagram, your best bet for doing this is Stories. They are easy to create and publish, so the user feels comfortable sharing them when asked to do so. Your ultimate goal is to make your customers eager to download stories. You can do this by offering exclusive offers to your buyers – a discount on their next order is probably the most popular motivation used by brands. Ask people to tag you and say what they think about the whole buying process, especially if it happened on Instagram. The stories you repost can be collected later in your highlights, so new customers can always check out your shoppers’ experience. This practice not only helps to increase brand awareness, but also brand loyalty.

3. Use the concept of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is incredibly effective at increasing brand awareness because popular bloggers can provide a steady, organic stream of new followers to your account. People always want to know what clothes their favorite bloggers are wearing, where they order food or where they book their flights, so basically any industry can be promoted with this method. People want to follow the steps of their beloved influencer, so any brand they mention automatically gets a lot of attention. And your main task here is to present your brand as the blogger described it – by doing so, you use the authority of the influencer in your favor and turn them into loyal customers. Do not forget that the reputation is fragile, so it must correspond 100% to the expectations of the users.

Pro tip: Explore the best incognito Instagram bloggers before approaching them for an advertising contract. Look closely at how they promote other brands and how they communicate with their audience.

4. Interact with the audience

To get noticed, it’s not enough to get a nice photo on social networks. To make your brand memorable, you need to improve your communication with potential customers. First, you need to make it less formal and focus your attention on topics that aren’t relevant to your product or service. People come to social media to communicate, and a hard sell strategy is the last thing they want to see.

The best idea would be to give your brand a human voice and show that behind any business there are people who make it work at all stages. Discuss recent trends and news in your industry and show interest in buyer preferences and ideas.

5. Browse key industry trends

It is essential to be seen participating in the most popular trends and events. Use your local community to drive people to your social media profile. For this, you can participate in offline events, like local festivals, and present your vision, to make it more memorable. Of course, different merchandise and printed materials come in handy when you need to visualize your brand value to your potential buyers.

Of course, you need to be on the lookout for the latest news and trends happening on Instagram! Follow top bloggers and companies to find out what works well for audiences and use that in your strategy as well.

Pro tip: Another great way to boost your Instagram profile popularity is to create a photo zone in your offline store, or at the event you’re attending. Give your buyers the opportunity to show off with great decorations, and you get more engaged users online.


Brand awareness is vital for growth. This case requires a lot of analytical work, in addition to being creative and quick in your decisions. Product recognition increases the chances that shoppers will choose your brand over others, and given the level of competition in most industries, this is an important factor to consider. Instagram is ideal for this purpose because this platform is completely visual and you can impress users with different types of content, thus bringing them closer to purchase.


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