Instagram is testing a templates feature for Reels videos


Instagram and Facebook have struggled to attract large audiences since the dramatic rise of TikTok. To compete and survive, Meta closely follows the exact features used by TikTok. In mainstream media, more than ever, people are indulging in the charm of virtual reality.

Short videos and interactive experiences attract a large community of people on social media platforms. Instagram launched the Reels feature on August 5, 2020. Since then, there have been changes and updates that constantly focus on improving the user experience. Now, to give a more fascinating and lively experience, instagram is testing a Templates Reels feature for Reels videos.

Using this feature, users will use any existing video template for their videos. This feature is only picked up and copied from TikTok due to its high popularity and wide recognition.

However, the templates feature is not yet public and Instagram is testing this feature in beta. Only a few influencers have access to this feature. A spokesperson confirms, “Making Reels easier for our users is our primary goal. We are testing the ability for you to create reels using existing templates from another reel. »

So, you are probably thinking what this templates feature can do for Instagram. So, let’s dive into the in-depth article to find the essential answers as to why Instagram imitates TikTok.

Templates Feature in beta test

Developing from scratch can always be a pain in the neck. Instagram knows that the more they can facilitate users, the more it is in Instagram’s best interest. Additionally, Instagram strives to engage users in a seamless experience.

To achieve such a goal, Instagram first introduced the Reels feature to create short video clips. Now this time Instagram is bringing a huge change to the Reels experience. Content creators can use any existing template to create videos and can add music for perfect sync.

Getting rid of the editing part would be a big relief for creators. Influencer Josephine Hill describes that the Templates feature gives us the ability to select “Use as Template” on any Reels video. It gives the possibility to use the existing reels and replace them with the original material, such as photos and videos. The new template feature allows users to use any Reels video as a template.

Why is Instagram copying yet another feature from TikTok?

Almost a billion people use Instagram every month. So why is Instagram, despite having so many audiences, imitating TikTok? The reason lies in the huge competition between rival platforms.

Facebook is losing its online audience dramatically and Instagram feels vulnerable to TikTok’s immense popularity. It is a young social media giant and in a short time, TikTok has gained unprecedented popularity through its video feature.

Afraid of stiff competition, Instagram has taken first the Reels feature and now the Templates feature from TikTok. Instagram just like Facebook does not fear lawsuits. However, to compete with TikTok, Instagram would have to do something inventive.

TikTok is a tough competitor

It’s not just Instagram trying to compete with TikTok through pseudo-methods. Additionally, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube are introducing short video clips, as is TikTok. This is unlikely to diminish TikTok’s popularity.

As most users upload TikTok videos to Reels. They also took the option of adding a user comment to a TikTok video feature. Instagram is full of TikTok videos and features. It’s hard to imagine when Instagram will introduce a whole new thing.

Final remarks

Instagram has copied many features from TikTok to maintain its popularity. Mainly the Remix function, visual responses and now the Templates function. All these features illustrate the immense fame of TikTok.

The current templates feature is still in beta testing and is only available to a few influencers. Instagram will redouble its efforts in video in 2022 according to its boss Adam Mosseri. Instagram is unlikely to bring anything new to users, given its track record of imitating TikTok.


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