Instagram is testing the “Templates” feature: creating reels with borrowed formats


Instagram is testing a new feature called “Templates”. This new feature allows creators to create Reels by borrowing popular video formats from the platform.

Instagram tests TikTok-like ‘templates’ feature

According to the story of InitiatedInstagram is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to use video formats already created from the format, similar to how TikTok will allow users to use popular video formats.

A story of The edge said Instagram’s new feature is similar to TikTok’s, allowing users to use pre-made templates. Templates make it easier for users to create videos by simply dropping their content into a predefined sequence and are readily available for its users.

What do Instagram “models” look like

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, first spotted the first version of the models in January and posted his findings on Twitter. Another account, Josephine Hill, said they’ve tried the feature before.

Hill posted screenshots on Twitter in March, showing how users can easily swap the footage with their own clips. Users will also have the option to add their own audio, like what’s happening on Instagram Reels.

Instagram’s “templates” could prevent users from using third-party template providers

Instagram’s decision could prevent users from continuing to use third-party template providers, just like on Canva. Hill also pointed out to Insider that users will no longer have to watch tutorials online to create a specific format themselves.

According to a statement from a Meta spokesperson to Insider, the company is still working on different ways to improve its Reels feature, making content much easier to create. The spokesperson said the new feature would allow users to use an existing template to create another reel.

Meta spokesperson says the feature is being tested with a small group of users

The Meta spokesperson noted that the feature is still being tested with a small group of users. The Verge attempted to contact Instagram for comment from the company, but could not immediately receive a response.

The publication notes that Instagram’s tests come as the company tries to make Reels more appealing to creators. The new feature will also help the platform solve one of its biggest problems when creating videos on the platform.

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Instagram deals with TikTok reposts

The biggest problem Instagram is facing is the popularity of TikTok reposts. In 2021, Instagram announced that it would no longer promote Reels bearing TikTok’s iconic watermarks.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, said the platform will even downgrade Reels reports. The source added that adding templates will make it easier for users to create Reel videos with preset formats.

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