Instagram Stories Hacks & Ideas Using Picsart That You Can’t Miss


Instagram as a social media platform allows you to discover and showcase your aesthetic sense. Picsart greatly simplifies things for you. Let’s find out some creative tips and ideas using Picsart that will make your stories innovative and interesting.

You just need to download the Picsart app and try the innovative editing tools available to you. Edit a photo or apply effects in one app.

Instagram Story Collages

Why share just one picture when you can create an amazing collage using Picsart for your stories. Collages will make your stories fascinating. Picsart offers you over 60 ready-to-use and easy to customize collage grids. You can add up to 10 photos to your collage grid. Isn’t that amazing!

Find the one that best fits your type of story.

You can also add text, stickers and different backgrounds to your collage using Picsart.

Play with the background color

Personalize your story template using Picsart. Create a story template by adding the background of your choice. From simple background to holographic background, Picsart gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

Add captions and different stickers available on Picsart to make your story more innovative and eye-catching.

Apply effects

If you are someone who wants to experiment more with filters, Picsart will help! While you are creating your story template, you can also try out different Picsart filters available on the app and make your Instagram game strong!

You have the possibility to add fx or artistic effects like mirror effect, sketch effect and many more!

You will also find a mask option in the app where you will get various creative masks for your model like neon effect or bokeh effect. What more do we need to show off our creative talents!

Try innovative texts

When you make your template on Picsart it also gives you text options, you can always try different and creative texts for your story templates. In addition to the basic text tools like spacing and shadow option, it also offers you tools where you can highlight your texts using a text stroke or adjust the opacity. of your texts as needed.

You will also find some interesting stickers available on Picsart which can be used to highlight your text.

It is not only for image editing, you can also add and edit texts in your videos.

What are you waiting for? This is your chance to update your Instagram Stories. Try these ideas today using the Picsart app.


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