It took me 10 long years: the man celebrates the visit of all the countries of the world; This is a famous Youtuber News from Nigeria


  • Famous and very famous travel blogger Drew Binsky was delighted after visiting every country in the world
  • A grateful Binky, who visited Kenya in 2018, said it took him 10 years to travel to 197 countries around the world.
  • The former professor, whose first 300 videos failed to earn him a dime, said his travels were aimed at spreading love and happiness

Drew Goldberg, an American travel blogger better known as Drew Binsky, celebrated his visit to “the 197 countries of the world”.

YouTuber Drew Binsky was elated after traveling all over the world. Photos: Drew Binsky.
Source: Instagram

Via a social media post on Friday, October 29, Binsky enthusiastically announced that he had landed in Saudi Arabia, the last country on his world tour.

The famous YouTuber said he experienced mixed emotions after completing the odyssey in 197 counties.

He also expressed his gratitude to all who made it possible for him to achieve his goal.

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“I’m feeling a lot of emotions right now and honestly it’s hard to think clearly. But I just want to say one thing – thank you, “he wrote.

Drew Binsky’s 10 years of travel

Binsky revealed that he started traveling when he was 20 and is now 30.

“It took me 10 long years to achieve this goal. It’s crazy to think that I have been on the road nonstop for the last decade, about 3,600 days, ”he wrote.

The vlogger admitted the pandemic delayed the end of 18 months, but he never gave up on his quest.

Explaining why he cited 197 countries when the United Nations recognizes 193, he said:

“It’s very political. I add four: Kosovo, Palestine, Taiwan and the Vatican.

How he financed the trip

Speaking to CNBC, Binsky, who visited Kenya in 2018, explained how he financed his globetrotting adventure.

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The content creator said he started teaching English in Korea, earning KSh 220,000 per month with free accommodation.

As his popularity grew, he found brands that sponsored his Snapchat videos, and he earned KSh 3.3 million.

“I was also using my travel blog to cut travel costs by working with budget hostels and airlines,” he said.

However, making money from its content was no walk in the park, with Binsky saying:

“My first 300 videos, I didn’t earn a dime.”

Drew Binsky’s proposal

In May, former school teacher Binsky proposed to his longtime girlfriend Deanna, who is instrumental in her journey.

Drew and Deanna traveled the world together and dated for six years before putting a ring on her.

He previously said his goal is to spread peace, positivity and happiness.

In a related development, reported that a man named Gregory Da Silva was recognized by Guinness World Records for balancing 735 eggs on his hat.

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Gregory, from the Republic of Benin, could be seen in a video showing his incredible talent which wowed Guinness World Records (GWR).

Besides impressing GWR with his skills, Gregory also won over many social media users, some of whom called the man’s skills “excellent.”



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