Jitendra Vaswani goes from a small job to making millions as a professional blogger


People know Jitendra Vaswani as an influential digital marketing expert, professional blogger, and speaker. After completing his studies in computer engineering, Vaswani held a number of jobs but was totally unsatisfied. Even his family did not like his job and were unhappy with the nominal salary.

This is where Jitendra Vaswani started his entrepreneurial journey with BloggersIdeas.com – this is an online marketing blog that has gained great popularity lately. Jitendra has also established his own famous digital marketing institute called DigiExe in Jaipur.

The story of Jitendra Vaswani and how he came up with the idea

Vaswani started his digital marketing journey in 2012 while still working with a startup as an SEO executive. He started with a minimal salary because he didn’t find coding interesting and was completely discouraged. He hated being a programmer, which his family had always wanted.

Vaswani believes that the world is full of ideas, but success only comes through doing the right thing. He suddenly developed an interest in search engine optimization, and that’s when his life took a giant turn. He launched his first blog with an investment of just $50 to purchase hosting and a domain, and the rest is history.

He invested $100 a month in content while still doing his job in 2013. Payoneer was the turning point in Vaswani’s blogging journey, and it was all because of his blog’s SEO and traffic. His blog ranked among the top bloggers in India in 2015, and so, Vaswani broke a deal with Payoneer, becoming its brand ambassador for 1 year. He quit his job, and it was a big step for him.

The initial product design process

BloggersIdeas strives to help digital entrepreneurs start their online businesses. A small blog eventually turned into a money-making machine and helped Vaswani earn over $10,000 every month from affiliate marketing alone.

Initially, Vaswani used Google to find out all about blogging and blogging because he had no idea. He hired the services of a developer who completed the basic configuration. After that, he designed his content plan for his SEO blog and invested in good quality content. Vaswani currently uses tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to find the keywords he wants to work on. He even hired a good quality content writer, and soon his blog was hitting over 60% traffic thanks to a major focus on SEO. With heavy on-page SEO of poorly ranked articles, proper keyword research, and proper interlinking structure, Vaswani achieved high rankings on Google.

The launch of the business

The very first thing Vaswani made sure of was to grow his blog to achieve 6-figure annual profits, and he managed to do that. No, he did not take any funding or loans. He was completely out of boots and working 14 hour days to keep his business going. He emailed digital marketers to post on his blog. He also did several interviews on his blog, which helped him reach a large number of people.

Vaswani has also published several articles on different websites such as Yourstory, Entrepreneur and Business World. He even connected with editors via email and asked them to mention his blogs in their content.

The secret to attracting and retaining customers

Vaswani knows very well that it is not possible to depend on a single source of income in the field of affiliate marketing. Businessmen have to divert their resources to make money.

Vaswani has used multiple revenue streams to monetize his blog traffic, including sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, and SEO consulting. His tools of commerce for his business include Copyscape, Ahrefs, Slack, and Yesware.

Secret Experts by Russel Brunson and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki are Vaswani’s books as inspiration. His biggest marketing influences are Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and Neil Patel.

The future in Vaswani’s eyes

According to Vaswani, the future of affiliate SEO is great provided companies follow the guidelines and optimize their sites for users. Providing users with the best user experience and good page speed are critical success elements in the industry for SEO Affiliates.

Ultimately, Vaswani’s advice to newbies in starting a business is to stop living the weekends, stop partying, and stop listening to individuals who don’t add value to your business and your life. The world is full of opportunities. Try to exploit them before it’s too late.

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