Kingsoft WPS Office software refuses deletion of user’s local files


July 11, WPS, a desktop software suite owned by Kingsoftwas the target of rumors and speculation about the company’s honesty after it was suggested that the company deleted user files stored on the company’s cloud and users’ local devices.

According a Weibo blogger, WPS seems to have a function to delete online and offline files that contain sensitive words. Some netizens believe that this behavior violates privacy while fearing losing their files.

In answer to this question, WPS responded that the link to the web document in question had recently been shared by a user suspected of violating the platform’s policies. As a result, the platform banned others from accessing the link. This move was misrepresented as deleting users’ local files.

WPS also said that as a desktop software suite developed over the past 30 years, the company always prioritizes user experience and user privacy. The claim that users’ local files have been deleted is misleading and the right to safeguard legitimate interests through legal means is reserved by the Company.

WPS is office software developed by kingsoft which offers the most commonly used functions such as text, tables, powerpoint presentations, PDF reading and others. It has the advantages of requiring very little memory to run, having fast response rate, multi-cloud functions, free online storage space and document templates.

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The national personal office services subscription business is the primary source of revenue for kingsoft. In the first quarter of 2022, kingsoft generated business income of 868 million yuan ($129 million), up 12.26% year-on-year, of which domestic office service subscription business income was 426 million yuan, or 49%.


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