Matt Walsh, “Child Psychological Abuse” of Parents Slam School District


A few hundred protesters gathered outside a school board meeting in Virginia on Tuesday night to join conservative writer Matt Walsh in pushing back what they say are far-left policies on critical race theory and transgender students in the school district just west of the nation’s capital.

Many protesters told the Daily Caller News Foundation they were inspired to attend the rally by Walsh of the Daily Wire, which came from Tennessee to address the Loudoun County, Va., County school board, a field of battle for progressive education policies, including LGBT people. problems, critical race theory and racial reparations.

Walsh, blogger and commentator, amused fans and outraged critics by renting a house in Loudoun County after the school board tried to prevent it to speak, saying only county residents could participate in the council’s “public comment” time.

Walsh fans lined up to greet, interview or chat with him in the parking lot outside the Loudon County Public Schools building in Leesburg, Va., Where activists and family organizations had set up tents and a stage. The event was monitored by the Loudoun School District Safety and Security Team, who used metal detectors to check the bags and bodies of anyone entering the building for the school board meeting.

“I am here as a concerned member of my own county and a proud Virginian,” Walsh said. “And we are saying against the indoctrination and psychological abuse of children that occurs in Loudoun County schools and schools across the country.”

Walsh said the rally is part of a “growing trend” and “encouraging” of parents who want to take control of their children’s education.

“If I was able to get a few more people out, then that’s great,” he said, adding:

But when you look around and see all the signs, I think people are there because people are starting to realize that the future of our country is not really determined at the national political level, which in turn. As conservatives, that’s what we’ve been almost singularly focused on for years. The future is determined under our noses in school boards like this one.

Activist and teacher Lilit vanetsyan, who urged parents to act at a June meeting of the Loudoun school board that went viral, lamented that it took a celebrity like Walsh to attract such a large crowd.

“I think every time we have a rally, a school board meeting of any kind, the numbers just keep going up,” Vanetsyan told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I am happy to see everyone here. I’m happy to see this number, this participation here, but I also believe that if it wasn’t for a popular person coming here… we wouldn’t see this kind of participation.

Vanetsyan was previously a teacher at public schools in nearby Fairfax County, Virginia, but decided to quit her job because she feared her “medical freedom would be taken advantage of.” It now provides private lessons to families who have withdrawn their children from school.

Angry parents and community members used the “public comments” section of the meeting to express their dissatisfaction with school board policies, including Policy 8040, adopted in August. Although a few parents and county residents thanked the school board for its progressive policies, the vast majority of those who spoke expressed outrage.

Under the policy, teachers must refer to students by their “chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any compelling evidence.” The policy also allows transgender students to participate in sports and use toilets that match their chosen gender identity.

“You are all child molesters. You prey on impressionable children and indoctrinate them into your insane ideological cult, which has many fanatic views, ”Walsh said in brief comments at the board meeting. “By forcing this vile nonsense on students to the point of forcing young girls to share locker rooms with boys, you are depriving these children of safety and privacy.”

“You are poison,” he continued. “You are predators. I understand why you tried to prevent us from speaking. You know your ideas are indefensible. You silence the opposing party because you have no arguments.

The Tories aren’t the only ones outraged by Loudoun County’s progressive policies, county resident Kelsey Bean told the school board.

“I have family that is part of the LGBTQ community, I have friends who are quite left-wing, my sister-in-law is pretty for a lot of liberal politics, and none of them thinks that all of this is the right thing to do. same thing, “Bean told the Daily Caller News Foundation after speaking at the board meeting. “It’s often misaligned as being a left ideal, but it’s not, it’s just an incredibly radical left ideal; it is not the general democratic public that believes this sort of thing.

“I think he’s trying to be portrayed as a generally democratic ideal because they think if you’re a democrat you have to line up with that kind of thing,” she said.

Curtis Hazen said it was his first time attending a rally at a school board meeting. As a daily listener of “The Matt Walsh Show,” Hazen said, he decided to introduce himself when he heard that Walsh was going to attend.

Hazen is a plumber who said he had to do extra work to enroll his children in a private Catholic school. He told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he is taking on the extra work to keep his children “from being subjected to this nonsense that’s going on here.”

“It’s not something I normally do, but I support the cause,” Hazen said, adding that he wanted to be the voice of parents who cannot afford to send their children elsewhere. “What they are growing on our children is unacceptable, and the fact that my tax dollars are spent on it really annoys me.”

Another parent whose children attended and graduated from Loudoun County public schools said he, like Hazen, attended the rally as a frustrated taxpayer.

“It went so downhill,” he said. “All they do is play games, and it’s all political. No interest for children.

Monica Gill, a history teacher at Loudoun County High School, told the gathered crowd that she has been teaching for 26 years. Gill described how much she enjoys her job, her students, and the “unique physical, mental or emotional struggles” they all face.

The school board “refuses to listen to its teachers and parents – the very people they were elected to serve – and instead pushes its own political and cultural agenda on a captive audience of students,” Gill told the crowd. .

“There is a serious debate right now about how best to care for children struggling with gender dysphoria,” she said. “The Loudoun County School Board has chosen a side in this debate. They mandated him, forcing all the teachers to be complicit.

Gill insisted the school board’s decision was wrong.

“It is not the government’s job to impose care or impose an individual discourse,” she said. “In reality, they don’t protect students, they push radical gender ideology and allow our children to be victims of their social experience.”

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