MEDIA: How can Erica Stanford return to The AM Show with any respect for herself?


One of the most hilarious things about National’s joining dragging reactionary redneck vomit pretending to be social policy military boot camps (aside from the fact that they don’t work and just create criminals fitter) is that Luxon sacrificed the dignity of one of its main stars to implement this.

When National Party MP Erica Stanford first commented on ACT’s crazy idea of ​​putting anklets on 11-year-olds, she cried and cringed at how awful the idea was on The AM Show…

The government last month did not rule out putting anklets on young offenders, but National Education spokeswoman Erica Stanford said at the time she did not think they were the solution.

“Me and the National Party don’t want to see 11-year-olds with anklets,” she told AM in October. “First of all, I think we have to look at how we got here and these kids are so alienated from the education system because we haven’t done anything in recent years to keep them attached.

“Are we going to break an anklet for them?” I mean, it breaks my heart that we even talk about it,” Stanford added.

… When it was ACT putting anklets on 11 year olds it was the saddest policy in the world, fast forward a few weeks and in an act of desperation National came up with an EVEN MORE DRACONIAN policy than ACT and wants anklets over 10 years!

So where is poor little Erica Stanford’s sense of decency now?

Regardless, Chris threw her under a bus in a sad attempt to drive ACT voters back to the National.

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The bigger question is how the hell Erica Stanford can dare in front of the AM Show now…

Speaking to AM on Friday, the day after the latest national juvenile delinquency plan was announced, Stanford said she was discussing ACT policy when she made the comments.

“If you take a look at our policy, which I’m really proud of, it’s a continuation of things,” she said. “He talks about oversight to make sure we keep young offenders and the public safe, but, in fact, he talks about them as repetitive and serious ringleaders. We’re no longer talking about the ACT policy where we’ll just slap an anklet on anybody – but to give kids boundaries, to keep them safe, we need to be able to supervise them in certain circumstances.

… let’s be clear, when it was 11 year olds with anklets, it was ACT politics that saddened him, now it’s 10 year olds with anklets, it’s a great policy?

She’s a fucking hypocrite at the highest level and she doesn’t even have the decency to at least acknowledge that her boss destroyed her credibility and like a good little soldier she’ll suck him off and agree with a bullshit politics.

This desperate attempt to rob ACT voters destroyed Stanford’s reputation WHILE losing the middle.

What a shit show, and Trolling Right dares to claim National is competent, these guys have spent the last week backtracking on a whole host of issues! National has no core values ​​that underpin the decisions other than ‘we are not Labour’.

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