Meet TikTok’s Spotify influencers


The new iteration of music bloggers is TikTokkers with some very popular Spotify playlists.

Some TikTokkers have gained popularity by sharing their music tastes in videos based on their unique or relevant Spotify playlists. These users have thousands of subscribers on TikTok and Spotify, and the music industry is taking note of their influence.

TikTok has had a huge impact on the music industry by becoming the new place for record companies to seek talent, especially during COVID when the usual avenues for talent discovery were closed. Additionally, songs that go viral on TikTok like “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X tend to appear on Billboard and Spotify’s Viral 50.

With the overwhelming amount of music available on music streaming platforms like Spotify, these TikTokkers provide an easy way to discover new music, with playlists curated by real people. They are also a way for small artists to gain traction.

“A lot of artists will contact me on my Instagram and ask me to listen to their music or submit songs to my playlists,” said Carly, a 21-year-old student from the Indianapolis area who is over 65. 000 subscribers. on his TikTok @hahacoolgtgbye.

His Spotify @carlybogie is equally popular with over 65,000 subscribers. Most of the music she features on her playlists is indie, alternative, or folk.

The types of TikToks published by music TikTokkers like Carly vary in style and taste, but include playlists for a certain vibe or mood, and new music roundups.

The three Spotify influencers Mashable spoke to all agree that connecting with artists has been the best part of their growing popularity, but they have different motivations and goals on TikTok..

Carly started posting to her Spotify playlists on her TikTok in January 2020. “Around April or March, I got home from school and started posting a lot more because I had so much free time. It was around that time that I reached 25,000 subscribers on TikTok, ”says Carly. Now she has amassed over three million likes through the videos.

She constantly listens to music and organizes her playlists while studying, and sets aside a few hours a few times a week to focus on organizing playlists. She spends about four hours on weekends making TikTok videos.

“One of my goals … as a music blogger … is to make independent music more accessible and less pretentious. There is a culture of gatekeeper around independent music and it’s something I against. wanted to struggle, especially as a woman of sorts in the music industry now, ”Carly said.

Carly wants her TikTok to be an accessible and exciting place for girls to discover new music without judgment. When creating a playlist, she tries to capture a certain mood that she feels or the vibe of a song that she likes.

Members of the music industry noticed Carly’s popularity and contacted her. “Sometimes I get contacted by record companies asking me to help promote their stuff or it will be a thank you where they say ‘we’d love to send you some merch or take you to a gig once they restart’ , Carly said.

An example of the types of videos Carly publishes is her video “here are some underrated artists who I think could explode this year,” where she lists four artists, what they look like and her favorite tracks.

This video has over 450,000 views and over 90,000 likes.

Credit: Screenshot: tiktok @hahakcoolgtgbye

This is a popular type of video made by music makers on TikTok.


Unlike Carly, Masked Mortal, a man in his twenties from Michigan who chose to keep his identity private, monetized his musical influence.

He has two million followers on his TikTok @themakedmortal and over 30 million likes accumulated on his videos. Her Spotify has over 41,000 subscribers, and her most popular “Pov, I’ll Fight a Demon” playlist has over 74,000 likes.

“I do merch on my website and I do song reviews,” Masked Mortal said. On his website, he sells brand name ski goggles. In addition, he charges artists $ 15 to listen to the song and consider it social support, and $ 30 to receive personalized commentary on the track, which is a testament to the impact of these TikTokkers.

“I have my own website and when it comes to small artists it is a little easier for them to submit their music because my dms are a bit crowded,” Masked Mortal said.

Adrian, 20 from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is starting TikToks full time and eventually hopes to monetize his TikTok. His TikTok @adrianjoeym has over 200,000 subscribers and his videos have garnered 7.3 million likes. His Spotify @adrianjoeym has over 30,000 subscribers and his most popular playlist “we on auxx” has over 25,000 likes.

“I was sort of browsing it and posted a song to listen to When Your Heart Broken. When this video first hit 40,000 views, I thought I did. Two. weeks later I did another one for the same thing and that one ended up getting probably 500,000 views, ”Adrian said.

“I was getting hundreds of comments like please make a reading list, please make a reading list. After a while I made a reading list and it ended up. get around 10,000 likes in the first week, ”Adrian continued.

Carly, The Masked Mortal and Adrian make it clear that TikTok continues to change the way we listen and discover new music. All three are music enthusiasts who have naturally grown in popularity. Rather than relying on publications and control algorithms to feed us new music, these TikTokers democratize the process of discovering new music and change the music that has the potential to go viral through their curated playlists.


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