New Fall Cookbooks You’ll Want in the Kitchen Year-Round


A new season brings an all-new collection of cookbooks that will brighten up any kitchen and enhance home cooks’ repertoires.

“Good Morning America” ​​has collected a handful of highly anticipated cookbooks back to newbie authors that cover a range of cuisines, techniques and tastes.

Check out the full list below and add them to your home by clicking a link.

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“Simple Pasta: Pasta Made Simple. Life Made Better” by Odette Williams

The cover of “Simple Pasta” by Odette Williams.

Graydon Herriott

This sequel to her popular debut cookbook, “Simple Cake,” showcases Williams’ signature style of casual, effortless elegance infused into everyday cooking and entertaining.

While Williams admittedly never made pasta from scratch until she was 40, she accentuates the simplicity of the process and highlights three basic pastas that become the starting point for everything from cacio From pepe and carbonara to new seasonal favorites like beetroot and carrot agnolotti. Plus, all of her recipes can be made even easier with options to use store-bought pasta to pair with her luxurious and easy sauces.

Click here to purchase a copy of the cookbook online.

“Spice Kitchen: Healthy Latin and Caribbean Cuisine” by Ariel Fox

The “Hell’s Kitchen” winner and award-winning New York-based chef shares over 100 recipes for a healthier approach to Latin and Caribbean cooking with a foreword by Gordon Ramsay. Fox introduces readers to classic recipes along with innovative new dishes, tips for maximizing the pantry, and more suggestions for adapting dishes to different diets.

Buy a copy of the book online here.

“The Mediterranean Dish” by Suzy Karadsheh

The cover of “Dinner in One” by Melissa Clark.

Clarkson Potter

This highly anticipated debut title from the creator of The Mediterranean Dish — one of the first online Mediterranean food blogs — includes more than 120 recipes for bright and flavorful dishes inspired by the Mediterranean diet that — as the title suggests — “Make you loop.”

From mezze to meatless main dishes, Karadsheh’s book covers a range of cross-culturally inspired recipes and convenient weekday meals with easy-to-find ingredients.

Order a copy of the cookbook online here.

Dinner in one: exceptional & Easy One-Pan Meals: A Cookbook” by Melissa Clark

PHOTO: The cover of Suzy Karadseh's new cookbook.

The cover of Suzy Karadseh’s new cookbook.

Caitlin Bensel

The New York Times food writer and recipe developer shares 100 new recipes in her latest cookbook that streamlines the steps and tools to easily put food on the table.

Check out two of Clark’s one-pot recipes here and pre-order the book here.

“I love to eat: 75 easy and worthwhile recipes for healthy and intuitive eating” by Nicole Keshishian Modic

PHOTO: The cover of Nicole Keshishian Modic's new cookbook.

The cover of Nicole Keshishian Modic’s new cookbook.

Ten Speed ​​Press, Eva Kolenko

The vibrant force behind popular Instagram account KaleJunkie draws on its Armenian American heritage and inspiring recipes that satisfy people both physically and mentally.

Modic offers over 75 recipes ranging from breakfast to healthy comfort food and teaches readers how to listen to their body’s signals around food so they can discover a more flexible relationship with diets and nourish the body with real whole food recipes that celebrate flavor.

Pre-order the book here which will ship on October 25.

“The Perfect Bread: The Craftsmanship and Science of Sourdough Breads, Sweets and More” by Maurizio Leo

The beloved blogger and resident baker of Food52 has created an “authoritative sourdough baking bible” to share his foolproof recipes from breaded breads and pizzas to doughnuts.

“The baker’s journey is full of moments of satisfaction, especially that moment when we take a loaf out of the oven that makes us gasp with contentment,” Leo said.

Her blog, which has been a reference for beginner bakers, turned into the first cookbook provides detailed techniques for the fundamentals of sourdough, as well as tools to push the limits.

Pre-order her book here before it hits shelves November 8.

“What is a dessert? Simple recipes for dessert lovers” by Claire Saffitz

The bestselling author, recipe developer, and video host is back with a new cookbook after her 2020 debut hit, “Dessert Person.”

In her new cookbook, Saffitz demonstrates that you don’t need fancy equipment or waiting for a festive occasion to enjoy the simple pleasures and comforts of dessert. “What’s for Dessert” features over 100 accessible recipes for cooks of all skill levels to creatively embrace everything from stovetop to frozen, large format and more.

Pre-order the pastry chef’s latest title before the November 8 release.

“All About Cookies: A Book About Baking a Milk Bar” by Christina Tosi

Beloved baker and Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi is back in the world of books with her latest collection of over 100 new cookie recipes.

“For those of you who think a cookie is just a cookie, welcome to our crazy and incredible love affair with baking’s most unsung hero. A few batches with me, and I promise that you’ll never look at cookies the same way again,” Tosi said of her new book.

From classic crisps to shortbread, sammies, chewies, bars and even no-bake, Tosi’s leaves no recipe unexplored.

Order the book early here before it hits shelves on November 1.


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