New restaurant opens in Kansas City’s former Nichols Lunch



Quesadilla de Taqueria La Nueva – a large flour tortilla with cheese, cilantro, onion and a choice of meats. It offers 11 different meat options.

Taqueria La Nueva

Nichols Lunch’s former longtime downtown spot will soon host another local eatery.

Taqueria La Nueva will open at 3906 Waddell Ave., just off Southwest Trafficway, in early 2023. The owners also have an Overland Park restaurant.

The menu includes tacos, quesadillas, tortas and burritos. It also sells meat by the pound, nachos, fries and queso, and tortas.

It offers Taco Tuesday specialties and a popular Menudo specialty (a traditional Mexican soup) on Saturdays and Sundays.

One of his most popular dishes is his taco quesabirria.

“It’s kind of a mix of taco and quesadilla, but I feel like it’s its own thing,” said Julia Rohrer, owner with her husband, Juan Lozano. “We cook the beef for hours and hours and serve it with the broth so it looks like a French Dip taco.”

They opened a restaurant at 12561 Antioch Road in 2020. Lozano is also the chef.

The couple plans to refresh the downtown location ahead of the opening.

“We’re super excited about the location and that we can expand our family business in Missouri, and for more people to try our food,” she said.

Nichols Lunch operated for 85 years and had been at the Waddell site since at least 1947 before closing in 2006.

KC Kitchen & Pizzeria recently operated in the building but closed in July.

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