nutella: World Nutella Day 2022: Here are some fun facts about the hazelnut spread with a dark and delicious history

Anyone who has ever drunk a gooey dollop of Nutella in their life will tell you that as spreads go, Nutella is indeed special; and cocoa and hazelnut are a heavenly marriage. Perhaps that’s what American blogger Sara Rosso thought when she established February 5 as World Nutella Day in 2007.

It’s been 15 years since we’ve celebrated the day, and the spread’s popularity as a breakfast companion, post-breakup bulimia, and mix of flavors for workout smoothies has only grown over the years. this period. Yet few people know that Nutella, like its color, has a dark history behind it, and like its taste, a deliciously sweet past.

Here are some interesting facts about this incredible spread:

If you love Nutella, say a big “thank you” every morning at your breakfast table to baker Pietro Ferrero. In times of adversity, when Italy was facing a severe shortage of cocoa, due to the Second World War, it was Ferrero who had the “Eureka” moment and thought of adding hazelnut to supplement cocoa deficiency in chocolates. The rest, as they say, is sweet, nutty history!

Nutella tastes so sinful, because that’s what it is. Although it contains cocoa and hazelnuts, its main ingredient is sugar. According to
Health line, the sweet spread contains 57% sugar. So, while very unpalatable, it may not be the healthiest choice, as just two teaspoons of Nutella can add up to 200 calories.

Did you know that while we were getting addicted to this spread despite the calories, the Ferreros were adding more zeros to their bank account, thanks to this special spread they invented? A report in
India time claims that Michele Ferrero, who modified his father Pietro’s original recipe and created Nutella, became Italy’s richest man in 2008, with an estimated wealth of $11 billion.

It is also needless to say that despite its unhealthiness, Nutella is quite a featured condiment and dominates social media. Reports further claim that this broadcast was tagged around 13.5 million times on Instagram and garnered over 30 million likes on Facebook. The influencer black book also implies that the easiest way to get likes and comments online is to tag Nutella.

Well, on that note, here’s to a Happy World Nutella Day! May your toast never miss this spread, no matter how many hours you have to spend on the treadmill to lose the extra pounds it adds.


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