Olympian Red Gerard is linked to a famous person and we are totally shocked


In a shocking twist, the Olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder Gerard Red dropped five points to stand on the podium for Team USA in the men’s slopestyle competition. After attempting to defend his title at the 2022 Winter Olympics, the 21-year-old found himself in fourth place. Although it was not the result he expected, he still received applause for his great effort. Among those cheering on Red was his older sister, Tieghan Gerard. But if her name doesn’t ring a bell, she’s also known as the food blogger and cookbook author behind Half Baked Harvest.

A quick scroll through Red’s Instagram comments reveals that Tieghan always shares kind words with him, especially throughout his preparation for the Beijing Winter Games. Additionally, the 28-year-old foodie gave readers some insight into her relationship with Red. According to the Olympic athlete’s website, he is the sixth of seven children, and it was his older brothers who noticed his talent on a snowboard.

“Red had qualifying last night and killed it in his first run,” Tieghan wrote on Feb. 6. “I’m so nervous watching. I have to find a place to be alone and say over and over in my head ‘You got that Red, go Red.’ I’m a weirdo, but also so proud of this kid.”

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Tieghan continued: “There’s no one who makes me smile more. I’ve said it so many times but for some reason when he walks into the room I’m instantly in a better mood. And now I am so happy to see him kill what he loves the most. GO ON SHREDDEO. We love you kid!”

After watching her latest race, she wasted no time on her Instagram Stories to show her support. “@redgerard you killed him. Feel pretty cool becoming your sister,” she wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of him competing.

Half-cooked harvest every day


In case you haven’t tried Tieghan’s recipes yet, she launched her food blog Half Baked Harvest in October 2012 after discovering her passion for cooking. Since then, she’s shared hundreds of recipes, bringing her own twists to them. In 2017 Tieghan published her first cookbook, Half-baked harvest cookbook, followed by its 2019 release titled Super simple semi-cooked harvest. Now she has a third upcoming cookbook called Half-cooked harvest every day on the shelves at the end of March. Tieghan has an impressive social media presence with four million followers on Instagram alone.

But she’s not the only proud sister. Red also praised his sister and her incredible accomplishments, even embracing her popularity over his own. “I’m the second in the family for successful and so on,” he said in an exclusive interview with NBC Olympics. “Most of the time when I’m recognized they’re like, ‘Oh wait, your sister’s name is Tieghan Gerard. The cook, right? She’d be excited if she heard me say that, but my favorite thing is her buffalo cauliflower. I’m kind of a big winger.

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