Once again, Celtic fans need to remind Keevins readers that he takes them for mugs.


You know what I find infuriating about what you read daily in the Scottish media?

The implicit insult to the public.

There are people in there who sit in front of their word processors and know what they’re writing is total nonsense, but they’re doing it anyway. They do it because they think the average reader buttons their backs.

I think it has sociological and psychological underpinnings and I’ll tell you why.

There was a time when the media had real power.

It was a time before the internet was big, before blogs and alternative news sources.

Don’t get me wrong, so many alternative sources of information are dire, and the internet is so full of misinformation that it’s actually dangerous. The mainstream media is still, by and large, playing with a straight bat and this is the best place to go to find real experts playing a role. But there’s no doubt that in some circles – and sports writing is one of them – bloggers have replaced hacks as the go-to source for news and opinion.

Listen, we are openly biased. People know what they are getting. And while we’re not sports experts, you only have to look at guys like Alan Morrison from Celtic By Numbers to realize that some in the blogosphere are far better at analysis than their mainstream counterparts could ever hope to be. . It’s about knowing where your skills lie.

There are people who have been doing journalism for too long.

They return to the days when their opinions could put people under pressure or improve the fortunes of their friends.

The days when Celtic fans booed Fergus McCann over a relentless negative media narrative…a shameful incident that would never have happened these days.

These people never recovered from the transformation of their profession.

They never recovered from the loss of this power, the power to move opinions.

And along the way, as bloggers have taken over the narrative, some of them have finally been called out not only for their years of pushing agendas, but also for their colossal ignorance.

Some of these people got by in years past on the lack of any way for us to call them out on their lack of knowledge, appalling judgment and appalling stupidity.

Those days are over. We shouldn’t let these people walk away with a damn thing.

When they sit in front of their word processor, they no longer do so to stir up public opinion. They do it to settle petty scores and sensationalize just to stay relevant. Behind it all there has always been a measure of contempt for their audience, but now they wear it in their face. They lie, knowing full well that many of us know this and will point it out.

And when you think about it, what could be more contemptuous towards the public than that?

Knowing you’re full of it, that people know you’re full of it, that they’ll let others know you’re full of it, but still persist in lying?

What does that say about the writers’ perspective on the remaining handful who take it seriously?

We know where I’m coming from. He’s there again this morning, in his article on who will win this year’s SPFL title. I don’t care what he chose, I could have told you who it was going to be before he posted a word, nor do I care about his alleged justification for doing so.

It’s like everything else with this guy; the more he tries to explain his “thought process”, the clearer it becomes that he is driven by grudge and incapable of objectivity.

He’s thick anyway. It’s been years since he’s had an idea to offer or an opinion to give that isn’t rooted in decades of prejudice and malice.

Even back then, in his heyday, he was abysmal stupid about the sport he was being paid to play, which his arrogance does not hide and in fact makes more obvious.

I don’t care who he predicts for the title, although this claim that we’re playing ‘pass the parcel’ for the title is hilarious as Celtic have had it ten out of the last eleven.

He doesn’t know how this game works any more than the one he’s paid to write about.

But I draw the line to his claim – and it’s not the first time he’s done so – that “Celtic fans didn’t know Angel would win the league, so how could we poor hacks?”

He doesn’t get away with it. He’s not going to get off that easily.

Alone, of all the sportswriters in the country, he went much, much further than just saying we wouldn’t win the title. He was the one who offered us to finish third and, at one point, very early on, he talked about us up to fifth place.

It’s not to err on a narrow call, it’s the pinnacle of ridiculousness, the pinnacle of half-wit, enough to make anyone in the company unworthy of the slightest respect from their peers or the audience.

Public contempt stinks of this article today.

Disdain for the handful of people who still take this clown seriously, because his previous comments are all there, recorded.


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