Right Said Fred Promoted a White Supremacy Livestream Hosted by a Neo-Nazi


Earlier this month, Right Said Fred promoted a livestream gushing with white supremacy and anti-vax rhetoric, hosted by the leader of a group described as “the UK’s biggest fascist threat.” United” – a decision their representative allegedly said was made in error.

During the weekend, The mirror reported that the ’90s Europop group – best known for their single “I’m Too Sexy”, which Drake recently brought back into mainstream consciousness – shared a link to the livestream on their Telegram account, which has more than 5 600 subscribers.

The host of the stream was Mark Collett, a notorious white supremacist and neo-Nazi, who in 2019 founded the far-right echo chamber Patriotic Alternative. He was joined by outspoken white supremacist blogger Jason Köhne, who often posts under the name No White Guilt, and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Collett reportedly acknowledged the boost in views his stream has earned by Right Said Fred, posting, “I never thought Right Said Fred would ever share my content, but we live in interesting times! It’s interesting to see so many mainstream celebrities and musicians end up on Telegram because of mainstream social media censorship.

On their Telegram profile, Right Said Fred describes themselves as “two musicians with opinions that don’t match the mainstream media narrative”. Although in a statement shared by a rep for the duo, they claimed they posted the link to Collett’s livestream by mistake.

“The boys are sharing information that they believe is not covered by the mainstream media, this is a rare example where the band got it wrong,” their rep said.

Last August, singer Richard Fairbrass was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19. He stuck to his view that the virus vaccine is a ‘scam’, but told reporters outside his home that he was ‘absolutely not’ getting the shot.

According to the group’s Instagram, they attended an anti-vaccination rally in London last month. They had previously been criticized for appearing at one in September 2020.


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