Sale of Rangers Patterson sparks Celtic fan theory, destroyed by Tom English


A number of Celtic fans seem to think Rangers got just £ 4.5million for Nathan Patterson because of a tweet on Everton’s official Twitter account.

It has been widely reported that Patterson, 20, left Ibrox in a club record deal that could potentially see the Gers pocketing £ 16million, but Celtic fans don’t have it and seem to think the deal was only £ 4.5million.

That’s because Everton revealed an award saying Patterson is worth £ 4.5million – on Fantasy Premier League.

VideoCelts even decided to write an entire article – which has obviously since been deleted – accusing the mainstream media of lying about the value of Patterson’s move to Everton.

Joe mchugh seems obsessed with moving Patterson to Goodison and seems determined to get to the bottom of what the real number was.

But the struggling Celtic blogger was completely destroyed by Rangers fans regarding his article while BBC Scotland reporter Tom English also mocked him – and other Celtic supporters – for having believed that a Fantasy Premier League value is the same as an actual transfer. value.

“Those Celtic fans claiming that Everton has officially revealed Nathan Patterson’s £ 4.5million move is very humorous,” English tweeted via his personal twitter account Thursday morning.

“That’s what it costs the guys in Fantasy Premier League.

“And, no, Mo Salah is not actually available for £ 12.8million …”

It’s more than hilarious that Celtic fans’ obsession with Rangers got them to this point.

What’s so amazing that Everton accepts a package that could possibly cost them £ 16million for Patterson?

According to Fabrizio Romano, journalist from Sky Sports Italy, the package starts at £ 12million.

For a moment, stop and think about what kind of agenda Romano would have about the Rangers selling a player to Everton.

You just have to laugh about it. No one on this side of Glasgow is angered by the East End claims, especially when they are so pathetic and clearly bogus.

They will always be the best source of entertainment in Scottish football.

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