Score KitchenAid’s Hot Stand Mixer Deal: Wayfair’s Way Day 2022


Incredible deals on all our favorite stuff.

Wayfair’s biggest sale of the year, Way Day 2022, is finally here, and we’ve been blessed with so many hot deals, it’s giving Amazon’s Prime Day a run for its money. Whether you’re looking for a new dust sucker (you can snag a $50 gift card with select Bissell vacuum cleaner purchases), patio furniture to host happy hours, or a rug to spice up your a room that desperately needs it. spring zhuzhing, the online furniture giant, has plenty of deals that will knock the HUF socks off any guest who visits your rad pad.

So what should you buy during the explosive event? During our Way Day deal hunt, we spotted some serious savings on a cult kitchen item for anyone aspiring to be Betty Crocker – the ever-magical KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer, for $50 off. This divine gadget is so iconic that bakers around the world are giving it their stamp of approval, and for good reason. We’ve had quite the love affair with our KitchenAid stand mixers, from our time at bread making during the early days of quarantine to our current meringue whipping obsession, and we’d totally give it a kiss goodnight if it was socially acceptable. (JK, we kiss anyway.)

$379.99$329.99 to Wayfair

$379.99$329.99 to Wayfair

This baker’s beauty comes in 14 different shades to match any kitchen vibe, and nine of them are already sold out due to its everlasting popularity. Our favorite color is dried rose [insert heart eyes emoji]but the pistachio is also perfect to match the impeccable kitchen atmospheres of the last Architectural Summary home visit of the celebrities you have watched. (We’re looking at you, Dakota Johnson.)

Besides being a culinary workhorse and the best looking counter top piece of equipment you can own, the KitchenAid Artisan Series has 10 speeds to “gently knead, mix well and whip ingredients”. It also comes with a stainless steel bowl, whisk, pouring shield, dough hook (essential for any bread making attempt), flat beater and bowl lid. If you feel like having a Guy Fieri moment in the kitchen or impressing a date, you can also use a pasta maker or meat grinder for delicious fresh pasta and homemade sausages. Oh, and did we mention it has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 star rating from over 69,000 (good) customer reviews? TL;DR: This thing slams. And you know what we love even more than a KitchenAid stand mixer? A KitchenAid stand mixer on sale.

$449.99$399.99 to Wayfair

$449.99$399.99 to Wayfair

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Wayfair’s epic Way Day sale runs until Thursday, April 28, so you better grab this holy grail of baking while it’s $50 off – before it’s scooped up by everyone. other home chefs who know a lot when they see it, or, heaven forbid, those TikTok mom-bloggers Karens who cook for their eight kids.

Already have a KitchenAid stand mixer? Don’t worry, there are plenty more home decor deals, furniture sales, and other juicy discounts to grab during Way Day 2022. Check out our editors’ picks for where to start, and happy loot hunting. good deals !

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