Soulful Black and White come with their new songs to amuse the public


Moving black and white, the deep company spreads its charm with each new track. The prolific lyrics and music captured the hearts of listeners.

Smoving black & white, the deep cooperation of singer Morris Onuegbue and producer Ted Peters paves the way for them to the top. Currently, I am in love with their enigmatic works. Morris, the talented Nigerian singer-songwriter has given many important songs. His prowess lyricism and unique tonality made him a fan of them. All of their soundscapes are produced by Ted. The well versed songs did not make me an admirer of them but they caught the attention of a large number of people. Independent artists have gained popularity in the industry due to their exceptional presentations.

Their novelties are discussed by all music lovers. The tracks are ‘All I have to give’, “Always Love”, ‘Tonight is the evening’and “She’s the Game”. The songs are getting all the love because the singer has kept everything very different and refreshing. So it gives a unique vibe through them. There are a lot of songs from them that I like too, they are ‘Champion’, ‘Bring it On’, ‘You Gonna Love Me Back’ and ‘What Could Have Been’. All of these songs can be heard on Spotify, so visit the profile to listen to them. I would recommend everyone to follow Moving black and white to instagram and Facebook to learn more about their upcoming projects.

Listen and enjoy these songs, just click on the links below:

She is the game:

Tonight is the evening:

Always love again:

All I have to give:


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