Tasha K appeals to overturn Cardi B’s $4 million win | New


Latacha KebePopular YouTube personality and gossip blogger better known as Tasha K is seeking to have the nearly $4 million judgment against her evicted.

Kebe was sued by the rapper Cardi B for defamation, invasion of privacy and willful infliction of emotional distress. The rapper won the case in January with over $2.5 million in damages and an additional $1.3 million in legal fees. Kebe was also ordered to remove the harmful videos from the internet.

However, now the blogger is appealing to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, claiming that the judge William Ray had “erroneously” excluded evidence about the rapper and her “character”, saying jurors couldn’t see who she “really was”.

“The jury heard a very unbalanced presentation of the evidence and, because they did not learn who plaintiff really is, the jury returned a blanket verdict for plaintiff, against both defendants,” wrote the attorneys for Kebe in the May 27 filing, according to the Billboard.

At the time, the judge noted that the evidence was prejudicial. However, Kebe and his lawyers argue he should have been included in a case that was largely about reputation.

Additionally, Kebe and her attorney argue that Cardi and her attorney failed to prove that the popular YouTuber acted with actual malice or intentionally lied, which is a legal standard.

“There was no evidence that any of Ms. Kebe’s stories about the applicant were fabricated by Ms. Kebe, either a figment of Ms. Kebe’s imagination, or based entirely on an unverified anonymous call or either if inherently unlikely that only a careless person would put them into circulation,” Kebe’s lawyers wrote.

On her YouTube channel, Tasha K posted numerous videos about Cardi B. Some of them contained “information” about her life before fame, including allegations of sexual acts during her performances as a stripper. and that she had been a sex worker. Other comments came after her fame, such as allegations that she cheated on her husband, rapper Migos—Gap.

Per Billboard, neither Cardi B nor her attorneys have commented on the filing, but are expected to respond to arguments in the coming weeks.


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