The 10 Best Mac Apps for Bloggers


As a blogger, it pays to have a good inventory of tools to help you get things done. It’s easier when you have a Mac because you can access an amazing collection of optimized apps.

However, the diversity of Mac applications can make you confused. So when you start, you can get the best apps from different categories, such as productivity, utilities, and content management.

So here is our list of the best Mac apps you can start your blogging journey with.

1. Concept

Notion is hands down one of the best productivity apps a blogger can have on their Mac. People use Notion for a variety of tasks, including note taking and project management. And this is made possible by the impressive collection of templates and some cool features of Notion.

For example, you can use a content planner template to plan and track your content campaigns. Or, you can have a single database to access all of your social media posts. It also functions as a space where you can write and store your next blog post.

To download: Notion (Free, subscription available)

2. CleanShot X

You can rely on CleanShot X when you want to capture high-quality screenshots on your Mac. This app is also popular for its nifty collection of annotation and editing tools. So the next time you need an illustrative screenshot for your blog post, you can use CleanShot X.

In many ways, CleanShot X is the best way to capture screenshots on a Mac. Moreover, the app contains screen recording tools and offers great integration with macOS. You can also use powerful options like OCR and GIF recorder.

To download: CleanShot X (from $29)

3. GIFOX 2

You can improve how-to guides and tutorials by replacing screenshots with GIFs. And, Gifox, a dedicated GIF recording app for Mac, will help you capture amazing GIFs. This lightweight app resides in your macOS menu bar and offers great functionality.

Once you capture the right part, Gifox can also help you compress it well. So if you want to use a GIF on a blog post without affecting load time, you have an option. Finally, Gifox lets you share GIFs with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Imgur.

To download: GIFox 2 (14.99, free trial available)

4. Font 3

Even if you’re not particularly interested in web design, good fonts are your friends in the digital world. But how do you keep track of them? Typeface 3, one of the popular font management apps for macOS, makes it easy to organize different fonts on your Mac.

So the next time you need a suitable font for your email newsletter, you can explore the font library through Typeface 3. It also works with professional suites like Adobe Creative Cloud and MS Office. If you don’t have a custom collection, Typeface 3 can sync fonts from Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts!

To download: Font 3 ($39.99, free trial available)

5. Ulysses

Microsoft Word, Google Docs and WordPress Editor are great when you want to write your blog posts. But sometimes you need something more targeted. Ulysses is Mac writing app bloggers should consider at least once.

In addition to offering a minimalist writing environment, Ulysses integrates many features such as iCloud synchronization, goal management, an integrated proofreader and advanced export options. Additionally, you can connect Ulysses to Medium or WordPress if you want to publish articles directly.

To download: Ulysses (from $5.99/month, free trial available)

6. Bulk photo

As a blogger, you should take great care with images. For example, you may need to optimize their size, add a watermark, or change the metadata. However, performing these tasks manually can be tedious. Fortunately, you can use PhotoBulk to perform these redundant tasks with a single click.

PhotoBulk is different from other photo editors for Mac in that it is flexible. You can create different profiles depending on the changes you want to make. For example, you can combine multiple post-processing tasks and apply them to all images in a folder. And it works great with macOS.

To download: Bulk photo ($9.99)

7. Model Studio

Mockups are useful if you’re running a tech blog, but creating them can be tricky. Mockuuups Studio solves the problem by making it easier to generate device mockups. This app can create mockups based on over 1,900 devices including smartphones and laptops.

Mockuuups Studio also gives you access to a nice collection of royalty-free background images. And it lets you choose between the different options based on criteria like orientation, transparency, etc. Once you find the best background for the screenshot, you can export the mockup in a suitable format.

To download: Studio Models (from $12/month, free version available)

8. Luminar AI

Although Adobe Photoshop gives you maximum control over photo editing, it’s not the fastest option. So, you can experience Luminar AI, an AI-powered Photoshop alternative for Mac. The best part of Luminar AI is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time manually editing photos.

At the same time, the app does more than offer a few presets and templates. So, if you need to edit a photo, you will have a few options. The Luminar AI suite offers presets such as Body AI, Iris AI, Sky AI, and Composition AI.

To download: Luminar AI ($89, subscription available)

9. Session

Time management is a crucial part of every job, and blogging is no exception. So we like to recommend this awesome Pomodoro focus timer app for Mac. Since Session is available for macOS and iOS, you can have the same experience with timers.

But it’s even better because you have access to in-depth analytics. So you will understand how productive you were at the end of the day or week. Additionally, Session app for Mac comes with a website blocker, which works on Safari, Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.

To download: Session (Free, subscription available)

10. Canvas

Last on our list is Canva, which is a web-based design tool. However, it recently launched a dedicated macOS app, which makes things easier. Either way, Canva makes it easy to design almost anything you want for your blog, social media platforms, or offline event.

Along with a super intuitive user interface, an ever-growing collection of templates makes Canva a great place for all your design needs. So, even if you don’t have any design experience, you can create high-quality content with the help of Canva.

To download: Cloth (Free, subscription available)

Make Blogging Easier With These Apps

Despite all the freedom it gives you, blogging as a career can weigh heavily on you. So saving even a few minutes each day will help you in the long run. And we think these apps will help make blogging a little easier. But, in the end, it also depends on a few factors, like the blogging platform you use.


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