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Komi can’t communicate is a popular shojo-style shonen series featuring the calm but serious heroine, Shoko Komi, who decided to make 100 friends during her high school career. She has never had a friend before, but this year will be different, and she has Hitohito Tadano to help her.

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Already, Komi is surrounded by networks of existing friendships, and some of her classmates are extremely popular and have wide social circles to prove it. Some of them also have large online social circles, and Komi also hopes to be popular one day. here are the Komi can’t communicate which characters enjoy the most popularity based on how much everyone likes them or the size of their social circles.

ten Nakanaka Omoharu has secret admirers

Omoharu Nakanaka waves desperately in Komi Can't Communicate.

Nakanaka Omoharu is a bit of a drama queen, and she seems to love LARPing as JRPG-style characters, including pretending to have “dragon strength”. She was quite unpopular until recently, but becoming Shoko Komi’s friend allowed her to expand her social circle somewhat.

Along with her friendship with Shoko, Nananaka also has her own secret fan club, meaning there are at least a few other people her age who think she’s cool. This proves that Nakanaka is reasonably popular after all, even if she’s somewhat off-putting in person.

9 Makeru Yadano also has a fan club

Yadano Makeru smiles in Komi can't communicate.

In many ways, Makeru Yadano is similar to Nakanaka, but with a fierce competition streak instead of JRPG drama. Makeru is determined to prove herself better than Shoko Komi in sports and body measurements, but she never seems to win. And most of her classmates think she’s pretty obnoxious.

Despite this, Shoko supports her very well, and that’s not all. Makeru has his own fan club, just like Nakanaka, and his handful of admirers still cheer him on, even though Makeru just lost to Shoko yet again. It’s nice to be appreciated.

8 Hitohito Tadano tends to blend in

hitohito tadano

Hitohito Tadano is an ordinary kid who rarely stands out, and that’s on purpose. He has the distinction of being Shoko Komi’s first true friend, and all because Hitohito is surprisingly empathetic and intuitive. He can understand Shoko’s inner thoughts better than anyone.

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Overall, Hitohito isn’t the big man on campus, but he’s not exactly hated either, and he’s slowly and steadily expanding his social circle thanks to Shoko. He is also a childhood friend of Najimi Osana, proving that he can make friends even without Shoko.

seven Himiko Agari has an online following

himiko agari komi

Shy library girl Himiko Agari isn’t very popular at school, and she often spent her time totally alone until she met Shoko Komi and befriended her. Now, a grateful Himiko sees herself as Shoko’s loyal dog, even though everyone finds it odd.

Himiko is now modestly popular at school thanks to Shoko, but on the internet things are different. Himiko is a popular blogger who often posts thoughtful reviews of ramen shops, and she has many dedicated followers who take her very seriously. Online, shy Himiko is a star.

6 Nene Onemine has many friends

Nene Onemine

One of Hitohito’s most popular friends is the charming big sister Nene Onemine, who is clearly respected and liked throughout the school. Nene isn’t always surrounded by a crowd of friends, but it’s still easy to see that a lot of people like her.

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Nene is quite influential due to her popularity and she can ask anyone to help her with a task. She also became friends with Shoko Komi, which can only further boost her popularity. However, Nene is rather humble about it all and not one to act like a queen bee.

5 Ren Yamai has friends of her own

Ren Yamai 4

Ren Yamai is a yandere character, someone who goes too far for his object of affection. In this case, Ren Yamai is obsessed with Shoko Komi, and she wants Komi all to herself. Despite this questionable behavior, Ren has plenty of other friends to hang out with.

Ren is often seen with a group of girlfriends chatting happily, and Ren doesn’t like being interrupted, especially not by someone like Hitohito Tadano. Ren might be even more popular if she learned to relax and stop being so intense, but that’s unlikely.

4 Hitomi Tadano is well liked at school

Hitomi Tadano

Hitohito’s little sister, Hitomi, is also an empathetic and insightful person, but unlike the soft-spoken Hitohito, Hitomi Tadano is an outgoing and energetic person who never seems to feel self-conscious about anything she says or does. . This makes her confident and this, in turn, makes her popular.

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Hitomi is very popular in her high school and she has many friends herself. Later in the manga, she starts high school with Shosuke Komi, who ends up in the same class, and Hitomi constantly bullies him. Shosuke doesn’t seem to like it, but he might come back one day.

3 Shosuke Komi never fails to turn some heads

shosuke komi

Shosuke is Shoko Komi’s younger brother, and although he is equally quiet, Shosuke is quiet by choice. He doesn’t experience the same social anxiety as his sister, but the two Komis are extremely popular despite never saying a word. And unlike his big sister, Shosuke is used to it.

Shosuke is what fans call a bishonen, an incredibly handsome and cool boy who is massively popular with all the girls. He receives many admiring glances everywhere he goes, but he ignores everything, since he is not interested. Shosuke has all this popularity and nothing to do with it.

2 Shoko Komi is put on a pedestal

komi looks serious

The heroine herself, Shoko Komi, is considered a queen, a beautiful and perfect girl who must be protected at all costs. The funny thing is, Shoko gets no validation from any of this – in fact, she’d rather have one true friend than a thousand admirers.

Shoko doesn’t even realize how popular she is. She often misinterprets people’s adoring looks as disapproving looks, which only compounds her anxiety. She is often taken by surprise when her classmates treat her like royalty, but she doesn’t always care that much.

1 Najimi Osana has a legion of friends

najimi osana komi cant communicate

Najimi Osana is quite respected in school, but more than that, Najimi is exponentially more popular than anyone attending Itan High School. Najimi is a natural extrovert with strong social skills, and they have made thousands of friends all over Japan since childhood.

On a whim, Najimi can plan a party or activity and summon dozens of friends, and no one else in Komi can’t communicate could ever do that, not even Shoko or Shosuke. In fact, based on their total number of friends, Najimi might be one of the most popular anime characters of all time.

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