The groundswell has made us dependent on China’s money – we should protest corporate farmers!


Well, that was all a bit absurd, wasn’t it?

The Groundswell protest was a cow fart in an empty paddock, wasn’t it?

Despite all the connections, it fell very flat.

Groundswell wants to know why we in urban centers are so pissed off at them, so let’s answer that okay?

We are pissed at Corporate Farmers over how John Key sold 49% of our hydro assets to create a $400 million irrigation slush fund that was used to intensify dairy farming while polluting our water and generating greenhouse gases!

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We are sick to death of how the entire economy is being forced to bend over backwards for a declining industry that will collapse the millisecond the fast food industry can create synthetic milk powder.

By the way, pretending that New Zealand’s emissions mean nothing compared to China and India is not a justification for doing nothing, it’s an acknowledgment that radical adaptation is the only decision left because these Goliath economies have already doomed us to a dangerous climate change future!

Shouldn’t the Corporate Farmer Quislings apologize to us?

The Corporate Farmer Quislings tell us that the $20 billion in trade they get from John Key’s “all our cows in a Beijing paddock” strategy is good for us.

Oh good?

We don’t see any of that fucking money!

We pay a price for New Zealand dairy and meat products that is set by an international market, so we compete with the 400 million others who want this product!

So we don’t see any price advantage to these quisling farmers getting richer.

A cow shits as much as 14 humans, we have 10 million cows, that’s the equivalent of 140 million humans peeing and shitting in our rivers.

We see no environmental benefit to these quisling farmers getting rich.

We are now completely dependent on Chinese money and cannot disentangle ourselves from their influence and power, especially with 200,000 Chinese New Zealanders now living in Auckland, a city of 1.2 million.

We see no sovereignty advantage to the enrichment of these quisling commercial farmers.

Quisling farming companies claim to create jobs, but they import cheap foreign labor to do the jobs!

Look at the fuss made by farmers at the mere suggestion that they pay for their pollution!

This money generated by trade with China contains so many hooks that there are more hooks than fish.

We have been betrayed by the quisling corporate farmers and their National Party scapegoats. THEY get rich, we don’t.

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