The latest news on social media bans in Russia


Instagram is now officially banned in Russia, following requests from the Russian government. After blocking access to Facebook and heavily restricting the use of Twitter, the Russian government has shown that it has no problem cutting off access to these major communication platforms from tens of millions of people.

Russia’s 80 million Instagram users were warned of the upcoming ban, so influencers and business owners took to the platform to say goodbye this past Sunday.

A fashion blogger shared her tearful perspective: “It’s my life, it’s my soul. It’s what I’ve been waking up to and sleeping with for five years…I’m in a state of resentment and far from a state of acceptance.

A recent article exploring the current problem of social media censorship stated, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marked a new inflection point for social media and the role it plays in the modern news ecosystem.” Once again we see social media acting as catalysts for extreme power struggles across the world.

We will continue to cover the latest updates on how social media platforms are responding to Russia and the crisis in Ukraine. Follow here.


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