The World Cup in Qatar is a corrupt abomination of human rights



Sports don’t interest me.

Sure, I value the physical and mental skills, coming together as a team to work on a common goal, the social connection – it’s all good, but for me we were hitting, catching and throwing balls around the campfire. the cave in prehistoric times. .

That’s basic level stuff, huh?

My heroes are artists, writers, thinkers, scientists, philosophers and activists.

Not sportsmen.

So I don’t care about men’s rugby and I don’t see why I should care about women’s rugby.

I’m still pissed that the news “hour” is 30 minutes less for the fucking sport.

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Which brings me to the horrible human rights abort that is the macabre FIFA World Cup in fucking Qatar!

Let’s put aside FIFA’s total corruption by being bribed to give it to Qatar in the first place (and the boss’ bizarre gibberish to justify it), put aside the appalling human rights abuses of the Qatar regime and put aside the jaw let’s ditch the homophobia of qatar and focus on the staggering number of migrant workers killed building these fucking stadiums!

A 2021 investigation by The Guardian found that more than 6,500 migrant workers from South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan had died while working in Qatar since the country won its bid to host the World Cup in 2010.

6,500 dead migrant workers to build for the World Cup?

What is that ?

I mean one person would be a tragedy, a dozen careless – but 6500 dead?

What were the authorities doing?

Shooting migrant workers against stadium walls???

You can’t watch those football matches knowing that the stadiums were built with blood!

You cannot watch these football games knowing that homosexuals are being persecuted.

You cannot watch these football matches knowing the human rights abuses in which Qatar is involved.

Qatar hosting the World Cup would be like Russia hosting the Oscars.

If sport forces us to turn a blind eye to 6,500 migrant worker deaths and human rights abuses, then why give it any attention in the first place?

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