This pull-me-up salad is the healthy food trend we’ve been looking for


Food is a subject of much discussion, innovation and experimentation. We often come across bloggers and chefs who cook their own versions of popular dishes. Recently, for example, a chef created a Mac and Cheese flavored with butter chicken sauce – a fusion dish that foodies were clamoring for. But why do experiments always have to be unhealthy and calorie-dense? Popular food blogger Hina Gujral, who goes by the handle @funfoodandfrolic, recently shared her new innovation called pull-me-up salad. The healthy food trend is a spinoff of pull-me-up cakes that had gone viral in the recent past. Wondering what it’s all about? Take a look at the video here:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels where it received immense appreciation from foodies and health enthusiasts. In the clip, the blogger had layered different kinds of beans, vegetables and a salad dressing in a jar. Then she lifted the jar to drop the salad into a bowl. She then enjoyed the three bean salad with delicious nachos. “Let’s start a new trend. A new challenge. Pull Me Up Salad. It’s time to do something healthy and trendy,” blogger Hina Gujral wrote in the caption of her video.

How original and creative, isn’t it? We loved the idea of ​​making the salad in a pull-me-up format, giving a trendy twist to a healthy recipe. This makes fresh ingredients and healthy recipes not only delicious but also visually appealing. The best part about the pull-me-up salad is that there’s so much room for experimentation. Simply choose the ingredients of your choice, layer them in a jar and enjoy! Gujral has also shared several other pull-me-up salad recipes on his Instagram handle. Looked:

It’s not the only food trend that has gone viral in recent years. Previously, an interesting cucumber salad also took the Internet by storm. The creamy delight has reimagined the summer favorite in an all-new avatar.

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What do you think of these healthy and delicious food trends? Have you spotted similar trends on your feed? Tell us in the comments below.

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