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You have bought a domain name, are hosting your website, and are now looking for WordPress email marketing plugins that will improve your business efficiently and smoothly.

Then, you are welcome to this blog, where you will learn about email marketing plugins in WordPress.

Before we dive into the main topic of email marketing tools or plugins, we need to know what email marketing is. Email marketing is the way of doing marketing by sending emails to a mass of people at once with the same or different content. And to send emails all at once to as many people as possible, we need plugins for WordPress or tools, which are known to be email marketing tools. you can find the most reliable and effective plugins as shown below.

This is the top five email marketing plugins for WordPress,

So let’s get started,


Sendinblue is one of the email marketing tools that support small and medium businesses. It helps marketers with its various features. Whether you are texting or setting up an email marketing campaign, Sendinblue has you covered. It is economical and its automation saves you time and makes your work much more manageable.

The Sendinblue plugin in your WordPress dashboard allows you to see all of your email marketing campaign activity in your dashboard.

You might be wondering why the Sendinblue plugin?

You will be able to consult real-time statistics on your e-mail marketing campaign; you will get to know all the details like clicks, open rate etc.

You can automate all your emails in Sendinblue in a single WordPress dashboard.

The coolest thing about sending blue is that you can either create emails from scratch using drag and drop or use Sendinblue’s template, which is also customizable.

You can create your custom subscription form and embed it in posts, pages in WordPress.

The price of the Sendinblue plugin is free for the basic, where you can send up to 300 emails per day, and the premium plan starts from $ 25 per month.


According to Google Safe Browsing and Symantec, is a fairly safe domain.

Omnisend is an email marketing tool specially designed for woo commerce, an ecommerce platform where you can create an email marketing campaign.

Omnichannel is a plugin for WordPress, in which you manage your emails and their workflow.
You can reach a wider audience through different platforms like email, text, and phone, all integrated into a single plug-in called omnichannel.

You can send up to 200 emails per day with its free plan, and its premium plan starts from $ 16.

So yes, you can go too.

Next is poet mail; you also use the WordPress mail poet plugin, for email marketing and newsletter sending.

It has various features regarding communication, woo automation, delivery and capture. Inside the communication features, you will have the WordPress newsletter, latest post notifications, welcome emails, WordPress email templates.

And, inside the capture, you will have functionality related to inactive subscribers, woocommerce customer list, WordPress user list, list segmentation, WordPress registration forms.

The woocommerce email is customizable via its customizer. He abandoned cart emails. These all fall under automated woo.

Mailpoet also provides driver support like SMTP for WordPress and an email sending infrastructure for WordPress as well.

Mailchimp is the most popular on this email marketing tool, and it’s popular among all marketers, large and small.

The email heap can be automated with its customizable templates and push notifications.

You can add them to your WordPress site and create a registration form as per your feasibility.
You can integrate any type of tool into it and easily create workflows.
You can send up to 2,000 to 12,000 emails per month. If you want to increase the limit for sending emails, you can try a paid trial of Mailchimp. If you want to have more features and functionality, you can start a premium license worth $ 59 per year.

Hubspot Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress:

Hubspot is one of the most trusted and trusted email marketing plugins. You will get a lot of features in Hubspot, where you will get functionality related to Automation, Editors, Templates, CRM, Content Linking and many more.

You’ll need to install a free WordPress hotspot plugin first, and you’ll have access to Hubspot messaging, CRM, and other free marketing and sales tools. You will be able to send emails up to 2000 emails per month. And you can upgrade your HubSpot starting at $ 50 with a marketing hub starter.

HubSpot is one of the most suitable for any type of business, where there are many features that help your business grow through proper CRM and email campaigns.

Now let’s discuss some of the features of HubSpot,
You can create a beautiful email from scratch with just a drag and drop email generator.

HubSpot’s CRM is connected to emails, and you can get details about what’s going on all the way through sending and managing emails in Hubspot.

You can test your email campaigns with A / B testing and analytics in HubSpot.

You can write entirely on your own with personalization, content, links, attachments, and calls to action to suit your followers and audience.


You can choose any WordPress plugin for email marketing. You don’t have to choose just this or that, you can choose any of them, with the level of comfort and convenience.

Whether you choose to go with another outside of these five, it’s okay to go. Nonetheless, the main concern here is that you should use and take advantage of this plugin to your advantage with easier use and manage everything in seconds.

If you are using complicated tools, then you should hire a technical person for any technical issues and issues that arise, so it is better to use simple and better tools.

If you think there is an even better plugin for email marketing, please comment below.



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