Turning dreams into reality Shivangi Yadav stands out as a phenomenal personality


We’re in the 21st century, and fortunately career options aren’t limited to just being a doctor, engineer, or teacher. With the changing times, people have started accepting the not so common career options like being an artist, social media influencer, YouTuber, etc. There is no doubt that these career options are making noise all over the city, and many people are trying to make their name in these fields, but there are only a few who can make it. Shivangi Yadav, a social media content creator, is one of those people whose hard work and dedication has taken her to great heights.

The forte of the famous Instagram influencer is not just limited to content creation, but with that, she is also a model, video maker, and fashion blogger. Shivangi’s consistent efforts and engaging content have helped her gain over 337,000 followers on Instagram. Because of its quality content, high number of fans and good engagement. She mainly promotes beauty, clothing and electronic products on her account. Posting captivating images with motivational captions and creating fun and entertaining reels is what made Shivangi famous. She made sure to provide her subscribers with timely and quality content right from the start. She likes to keep her account up to date, and for that, she not only posts regularly, but she also continues to engage with her audience through Instagram Live Sessions and Instagram Stories.

The skilled content creator completed her education in Uttar Pradesh and since graduation she has ruled the modeling world. Shivangi never wanted her modeling career to get in the way of her studies because she thought having a degree was important no matter what career option a person chose. She always preferred to plan things in advance; therefore, she made sure to balance everything out. Her penchant is also for acting, blogging, dancing and styling. This can be seen on her Instagram, where she posts photos of many outfits; if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, then Shivangi’s account is for you.

Shivangi is a fitness freak; she likes to work out and follows a diet; Sharing about it, she says, “I am a person who likes to work out and can spend hours in the gym. I think training is important for our body and is also important for our mind. it helps a person feel relaxed and fresh. My workout plan includes cardio, spinning classes, and yoga, and my diet consists of eating healthy foods like eggs, fruits, legumes, etc. More importantly, my cheat meal has to be pizza or chocolate. People ask me about my motivation to never miss a workout. Honestly, I think if you are determined enough, following a healthy lifestyle that will save you from various health issues is not difficult. “

With this travel zeal in her, Shivangi has explored many travel destinations, and her favorite destinations include Manali, Goa, and Dubai. Like all of us, Shivangi is also a binge-watcher; in her free time, she enjoys watching romantic comedies and eating delicious home-cooked food, which makes her happy. His ulterior motive is to continue creating content for his fans and giving them the same love they have for him. But at the end of the day, the support of Shivangi’s fans makes her the happiest and she feels so grateful to be able to do something she is passionate about.


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