uKnowva Launches Disability Feature to Help Specially Empowered People Improve Operational Efficiency, IT News, AND CIO


New Delhi: Human Resources Automation Software uKnowva has created a new technology platform to help people with special disabilities improve their operational efficiency in the workplace. uKnowva worked with Barrier Break, a digital accessibility consulting company to implement this solution.

This feature makes uKnowva more accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, said its founder Vicky Jain.

Citing an example, he said that a visually impaired person can also come and update attendance and timesheets on the system without any help from their peers, which was previously very difficult with existing systems.

“The main challenge was to capture the presence of people with disabilities when they worked from home. It was more of a challenge for every organization during the pandemic, but for people with disabilities it was a bigger problem,” Jain said. .

“This feature allows people with disabilities to access and use uKnowva transparently. Focused on improving the overall user experience. The user-friendliness and accessibility of uKnowva’s HRIS is reflected in its solution specifically designed for a company that hires talent with disabilities, ”added Jain.

Self-service tools and add-ons empower team admins to enable and disable items as needed. AI in HRIS helps HR teams in a number of ways and in their processes, Jain said.

Developing further, Jain said the pandemic has changed “attendance solutions.” UKnowva’s virtual biometric solution allows people to mark their presence from their laptop / desktop / tablet / mobile. “It intelligently tracks location and presence and automatically alerts you based on some pre-defined configurable rules,” he added.

In the future, HR will also become a growth engine for a business rather than just remain a support function, he noted.


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