Undervalued growth stocks to buy now? 5 For your watchlist


Are these the best growth stocks to buy now?

After a tumultuous first half for the global stock market, one would expect investors to put their money into safer investments. After all, a looming recession, runaway inflation, and energy crisis are prompting all investors to shed stocks and seek safer investments such as bonds. But that doesn’t mean everything is dark and catastrophic. After all, now could be a good time for investors to keep an eye out for stocks that have the potential to dominate the market in an eventual rally.

Also, when it comes to growth stocks, recessions can actually be a good thing. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. On June 27, Michael Burry, the esteemed hedge fund manager of The big court fame sent out a tweet calling for disinflation and dovish Fed policy over the next six months. And if he’s right, growth stocks should soar. With that as a backdrop, do you have this list of the highest growth stocks buy now?

Growth stocks to buy [Or Sell] Currently


Reached is a leader in the fintech space specializing in lending and borrowing. Through the use of its AI-powered software, Upstart was able to identify more reliable borrowers with lower default rates. With this capability, the company was one of the best growth stocks to buy in the second half of 2021. After all, it’s not often we have a fintech startup that has 1,000% revenue growth. and, above all, which is profitable. As you may know, UPST stock has jumped nearly 800% at its peak since its IPO. However, it has returned all of its earnings and is currently trading below its IPO price.

Upstart’s sharp decline was largely due to negative investor reaction to its full-year outlook. Previously, the company forecast revenue of $1.4 billion this year, but the company now expects it to hit $1.25 billion. Additionally, the company recently released preliminary second-quarter results calling for revenue of just $228 million, well below previous guidance for sales of between $295 million and $305 million. So, it’s no surprise that the title has taken another beating lately. While there are still risk factors facing the business, the drop in preliminary revenue still suggests 17% year-over-year growth. If you’re looking for undervalued growth stocks to buy today, would UPST stocks do the job?

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Southeast Asian tech giant Sea is one of the growth names that has caught the attention of many investors during the pandemic. The company has three main businesses covering the e-commerce, digital entertainment and digital payments markets. Shopee, its e-commerce platform, is the largest in the region. Recently, the company announced that Justin Bieber will perform a concert and debut a new song on Free fireSea’s hit video games.

Given the artist’s popularity, such a collaboration could encourage more users to engage with its gaming service. Additionally, Shopee is also said to have invested in five new fulfillment centers to help improve its commerce services. electronics in South America. With Shopee growing so rapidly in this region, this development could be music to investors’ ears. Given all of this, would you add SE stocks to your portfolio right now?

SE Stock Chart
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Roblox, which has benefited from the rise of online games during the pandemic, is one of the pioneers of the metaverse. Some might even argue that it’s the closest thing to a traditional social metaverse. With a mission to build a human co-experience platform that brings billions of users together, the company seems well positioned for the metaverse. And if you think the Metaverse is really going to be huge, then it’s worth betting that Roblox’s best days are yet to come.

Of course, Roblox’s growth has slowed as the economic reopening has more kids spending their free time outdoors. But that doesn’t mean the company has lost its edge and appeal. Its most recent update said it had 50.4 million daily active users in May. On the contrary, it shows that users continue to spend time on the platform and help the company generate revenue. With all of that in mind, would RBLX stock be on your list of the most important growth stocks to buy today?

RBLX Stock Chart
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Chinese electric vehicle company Xpeng is another growth name to consider. The company’s main products are environmentally friendly vehicles, namely the G3 SUV and the P7 four-door sports sedan. In addition to this, it also provides a range of services to its customers. This includes boosting services, maintenance services, ride-sharing services, and vehicle rental services. Not to mention that Xpeng is also stepping up its investments in robotics. Earlier today, XPeng Robotics announced that it has raised $100 million as part of its goal to bring home robotics to market over the next two years.

Last month, the company announced that it had reached the milestone of 200,000 cumulative smart electric vehicle deliveries. Building on this momentum, Xpeng shows little to no signs of slowing down. For the month of June, Xpeng recorded monthly deliveries of 15,295 smart electric vehicles, which represents an increase of 133% year-on-year and 51% compared to May 2022. Meanwhile, the company delivered a total of 34,422 smart electric vehicles for the second quarter of 2022. This places the company as the top emerging auto brand in China for the fourth consecutive quarter. All things considered, would you keep a close eye on XPEV stock right now?

XPEV Stock Chart
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Etsy has an online marketplace focused on handmade and vintage items. Its main marketplace, Etsy.com, thrived during the pandemic as more people went online during the global health crisis. For sellers, the company offers a range of tools and services that address key business needs. Well, the shortage of medical masks at the start of the pandemic was a boom for Etsy, as many were looking for homemade masks then. While the mask shortage may be over, Etsy is still going strong. Since its first fiscal quarter of 2022, Etsy has had revenue of $579.3 million.

In short, the e-commerce company enabled nearly 5.5 million active sellers to deliver crafts and handmade products to consumers in the first quarter, totaling $3.3 billion in gross merchandise sales (GMS) . Separately, the International Trade Administration predicts that global e-commerce sales in 2024 will reach $6.4 trillion. Notably, this represents 22% of global retail sales, up from just 18% in 2020. As such, it looks like Etsy is poised for continued growth. With the company trading at a more reasonable valuation today, would you consider adding ETSY stock to your portfolio?

ETSY Stock
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